In architecture business news, HOK Sport has aparently bought itself out from HOK – and has rebranded as POPULOUS.

We celebrate a new beginning in 2009 as an independently-owned design practice. Our new name, Populous, reflects our recently completed buyout and separation from HOK Group of St. Louis, Missouri, which allows us to enthusiastically embrace the expertise we uniquely claim—drawing people together. With clarity of vision and purpose that only amplifies our expertise, all of the people, portfolio, capabilities and expertise formerly known as HOK Sport Venue Event continue as Populous.

As the world becomes more populous, our expertise becomes more relevant—whether it’s an event with more participants then you’ve ever dreamed of, a city looking to transform an area into a more economically and sustainable asset, or a rapidly growing urban center—our skills uniquely apply. Over the years, we’ve helped create some of the most recognizable gathering places on the planet, and some of the most storied, thanks to the passion of fans and the support of communities.

They seem to have really taken to ‘web 2.0’ and the ‘net [as any 21st century business should], and have a number of videos on their site worth checking out – including ‘What brings people together‘, where they’ve basically asked sports fans about the sense of community created by teams all over the world.

::thanks to AMNP reader jhawkred from the University of Kansas for the link::

Posted: April 1st, 2009
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