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It’s a sad way to start of the week – but I thought I’d mention that JG Ballard passed away yesterday [April 20th], after what the BBC describes as a long illness. To be honest, I was just put on to Ballard’s work about 2 years ago or so – but that was enough time to understand why he has such a devote following, and why his fans seem so heavily influenced by his work. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, I’d take his passing as a cue to get familiar – maybe start with this interview over at the Ballardian site.

Moving on to happier things – it’s Monday! We’ve survived another week without the world collapsing in on itself! Yay! I do want to link to this, as I’ve been trying to find a way to mention it without ranting. I think the world gets crazier every day – which seems counter-intuitive. I’m starting to think that we’ve peaked, and we’re on our way to the Middle Ages 2.0 [when it happens, remember you read the term here first].

On to this week’s links! And, as always, if you see anything on the interwebs that you think should be on AMNP, don’t hesitate to give us a shout at

12 reasons not to render, a must read for intern-architects everywhere [via Young Architect]

– Our ninjas at Arch Daily feature coverage of POSTOPOLIS! LA

– Architects “the latest dominoes to fall“? I thought we were among the first…[via the Washington Post]

– What’s with new towers looking like a game of Jenga? [via Slate]

– Cameron Sinclair writes on the architecture of excess vs. an architecture of relevance [via the Huffington Post]

misterbuckminster is a new [to me, anyways] blog about architectural history that you should check out

– Archiprix International 2009 announces winning projects [via Bustler]

Renting the ‘American Dream’ [via the Wall Street Journal]

City air pollution ‘shortens life’ [via the BBC]

– WNYC looks at why we fight the impulse to go ‘green’ [via PRI]

– A transforming, multi-functional shipping-container [via Treehugger]

Power your cell phone with kinetic energy – oh, and fold the screen like a wallet [via Inhabitat]

– Google’s server design goes public [via cnet]

Aviary, a free online Adobe Suite?

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