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One would think that finding a job in today’s market was stressful enough. For instance – there aren’t an overabundance of firms hiring, and those firms that are looking for new staff now have a HUGE pool of unemployed architects to choose from. So if you’re looking for work, you have to factor in a shortage of open positions and an increased amount of people who may meet increasingly popular qualifications better than you can – namely degrees [a masters seems to be more and more valuable every day], and LEED certification.

So you’re out of work, only have a bachelor’s, and you’re not a LEED AP – well, at least all that’s left is your resume and portfolio to stress over, right? Think again, my ninjas!

I had heard before about other professions ‘testing’ in various ways as part of new hiring procedures, but Archidose’s post today was the first example I saw of an architecture firm applying the extra pressure. Check out the mess that an applicant will go through to be considered at Robert Siegel Architects:


After making it through the first resume review process, we give selected promising candidates a graphic test in our office. The goals of this 20 minute test are:

1. Drawing ability using a pencil. This is a tool that architects use to communicate. In our office we are always drawing and sketching freehand.
2. Passion for architecture and analytical ability. There is a portion of the test in which you have to draw a plan and a section or elevation of any piece of architecture. Amazingly, either history is no longer taught or the relevance of our architectural past is not integrated into design curricula since most people fail this portion catastrophically.
3. Basic design ability. This is a classic “Architecture 101” test to measure spatial design ability.

via Archidose

Now, don’t get me wrong – this actually sounds reasonable, and makes a certain amount of sense [especially from the firm’s point of view]. But that said, holy shit – that sounds like the the most stressful day ever. I mean, you’ve just finished going through your resume and portfolio, only to have a ‘test’ to complete? My ninjas, PLEASE. Sounds terrible.

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Posted: May 22nd, 2009
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