$100 Trillion Dollar Wallpaper


I hate to say that this is ‘cool’, as it reflects some very serious issues caused by Robert Mugabe and his [essentially] terrible leadership of Zimbabwe – but, this is a great idea for protesting/speaking out. We’ve all heard some thing or another about currency so worthless it’s only good for wallpaper – but where have you seen it actually used for wallpaper? And as a political statement?


Long story short, Mugabe is responsible for Zimbabwe’s ridiculous hyperinflation [he just printed TONS of money with nothing to back it, is my understanding]. Things are so bad that they’ve printed Z$100 trillion dollar notes that can by you essentially nothing. The Zimbabwean Newspaper – which was chased into exhile by Mugabe’s government – has started this ad campaign in response to this hyperinflation, Mugabe, and a 55% ‘luxury’ tax placed on the sale of the paper which makes it unaffordable for many citizens.


The campaign features this billboards covered in bills, the brick wall shown above ‘wallpapered’ in the bills, and bills themselves handed out as flyers with various messages printed on them.

The newspaper’s sales have increased by 300%.

View more photos here, at the project’s Flickr page.


Posted: June 2nd, 2009
at 7:38pm by orangemenace

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  1. That is a smart hard core display. An excellent non-violent protest against an extremely violent irrational dictator.

    But one can’t help but think…printing trillions of dollars with nothing backing it…aren’t we doing the same thing?


    Workin hard for my money

    4 Jun 09 at 4:25 pm



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