Documentary: SNAKEBIT

SNAKEBIT: A documentary film on renowned architect Samuel Mockbee and the spirit of the Rural Studio.

Once you go to the rural studio and you get a chance to experience not only designing it on paper, but getting it built – and have the pleasure of people coming in and really admiring what you’ve done and appreciative of what you’ve done – that’s a great feeling, and you can’t replace it. And once you’ve had that, you’re snake bit after that… the passion is going to be there.

~ Samuel Mockbee

About time, I say.

Posted: July 12th, 2009
at 7:22am by orangemenace

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  1. Had the pleasure of listening to a lecture Mockbee gave before he died. It was easy to understand the gravity and power behind what the Rural Studio was about.

    I do feel that Eisenman’s small excerpt was out of place in this clip though. He DOES make it challenging to be in one of his own spaces (which can be dizzying) while the Rural studio challenges the idea that architecture belongs to the elite.


    13 Jul 09 at 1:23 pm



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