Losing the LEED

Watch out for LEED 2009, or LEED V3, as there are some very specific changes – one of which could get your certification revoked! Jetson Green looks at the new Minimum Program Requirements, or ‘MPRs’, which a project must meet and sustain. If not: “Certification may be revoked from any LEED project upon gaining knowledge of non-compliance with any applicable MPR. If such a circumstance occurs, registration and/or certification fees will not be refunded.” Call me cynical, but this sounds like it might be a money grab…but, that said, someone should be monitoring LEED buildings to ensure they ‘stay green’.

Posted: July 15th, 2009
at 9:13am by orangemenace

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  1. It’s okay to be cynical. Check out what some of the other industry players are saying about the LEED revocation clause you cite: http://tinyurl.com/lst9wz

    Matt DeVries

    Matt D

    15 Jul 09 at 10:11 am


  2. I can’t help but think it’s appropriate. You work so hard to make a building meet LEED standards and achieve LEED certification…why waste all that time and energy to have a building NOT continue meeting those standards? It’s important not to mislead people.


  3. Great link, thanks Matt!

    And yeah, Ms LEED [haha – sorry, your name made me think about how LEED is ‘misleading’…corny, I know] you’re right – buildings must be monitored for continued ‘greeness’, I’m just concerned/cynical about the implementation/control of this kind of monitoring.


    15 Jul 09 at 11:16 am



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