We’re Back Like Scoliosis


No, I’m not entirely sure what that means – other than AMNP [and all of myninjaplease] is back after a painful week and a half [roughly] of being out of commission for a number of reasons I won’t even bother getting into. Suffice it to say that technology services aren’t properly regulated, and are essentially allowed to screw you every which way if they so choose.

With that – and the fact that MNP has been unstable and slow for what seems like months – in mind, we’ve moved hosts! We’ve now ‘gone green’, moving to a host that offsets the energy their servers consume by purchasing wind credits amounting to 300% of their electricity demand. Sure, it’s not as cool as going ‘off grid’, but this seemed pretty dope for now.

So, sorry for the delays / downtime – and please, make ninjas that you know / encounter aware that we’re back up and running. I wouldn’t want them going around uninformed…

Posted: August 3rd, 2009
at 3:08pm by orangemenace

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