The Knit Chair


My first thought upon seeing the ‘Knit Chair’, designed by Emiliano Godoy, was of cardboard – something about the color + texture, and the leg design. Closer inspection, however, reveals the true nature of the chair: high quality maple plywood panels stitched together with cotton rope [hence the name].

The construction of the Knit chair speaks about smaller pieces coming together to form a bigger structure. Held together by rope, the piece breaks apart in smaller elements when those fasteners wear out or become loose. The small, individual components can then be put outdoors or into a compost pile, allowing nature to finish the job. Flexibility is incorporated into the design, allowing the chair to dynamically respond to the user’s body, adapting lightly to the movements, size and posture of the user.

This chair won a Bronze Leaf at the International Furniture Design Award in Asahikawa, Japan in 2005.


Looks pretty sick – I wonder how much flex/deflection there is when you sit down, and when you’re trying to get up out of it, tho. Interesting, too, is this idea that the chair has a limited life span. While yes, lots of furniture falls apart on you over time, here we have something that will loosen each time you sit down and get up. Even if the chair is biodegradable, doesn’t this built-in impermanence make the chair less ‘green’? But, maybe there’s something beautiful about knowing that the chair will only hold together for so long, and must be enjoyed/appreciated while it lasts.

Dope, either way.

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Posted: August 14th, 2009
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