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Welcome to our latest addition of architecte de la semaine, featuring the work of Pascal Arquitectos [I know we haven’t done this in a while, but whatever – just enjoy].

Founded by Carlos & Gerard Pascal [brothers] in 1979, the firm has received critical acclaim for a number of their projects, including multiple IIDA Interior Design Magazine [Chicago] Awards, and the National Award IMEI [Mexico] for their work on Hotel Sheraton Centro Historico, Mexico City.

The project you’re looking at here is the Casa de Meditación [Meditation House], built in Bosques de las Lomas, Mexico City [2006]. Located within a residential community, the house’s austere exterior is both to distinguish it from its surroundings as well as to project feelings of calm & serenity through its simple form and material use. This treatment of the exterior isolates the house from its context, which in turn isolates visitors from the outside world as they enter.


Passing through the triangular ‘cut’ in the gray granite [seen in both images above], one walks below / by a warmer wood slat wall marking the entry and serving as the door [although I haven’t seen how it moves]. The door provides entry into a dark 2 meter wide by 9 deep ‘tunnel’, which serves as a sort of ‘air lock’ between the busyness of the every day movements in the surrounding neighborhood and the quiet tranquility of the almost monastic meditation space.


The visitor then enters into the main meditation area, a simple open space with benches along the walls. The large room continues the use of gray granite from the exterior, with wooden benches along the walls. The ceiling is a suspended plane made of the same wood as the entry – which angles slightly downward from the entry to the far wall, where there is a skylight that washes a diffused light into the space.


In order to maintain the feeling of isolation, and encourage solitude and quiet introspection in the visitors, the only open to the exterior is a large window wall opening on to a central porch, filling the meditation space with soft natural light from the north [seen in the photo above, and in the plan below].



images from, project found at Platforma Arquitectura

Posted: January 30th, 2007
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