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Designed by ADOC Buy pristiq without prescription, [Arquitectura Design Ordenamento Consultores], what we've got here today is a proposal for university housing in Zaragoza, Spain. Say it with me now: my ninjas, purchase pristiq, Real pristiq without prescription, please... Now, cheap pristiq tablets, Pristiq in australia, I warned readers in my post on KKA's fishmarket project that I had a collection of projects that utilize the iconic gable-roofed home shape - and this university housing project is definitely the most extreme / strangest use of the form I've come across so far.


The project starts out with a simplistic, discount pristiq online, Pristiq, minimalist take on the gabled roof house form, creating a single volume to house the university students in an individual module, pristiq online without a prescription. Order pristiq on internet, This module is then multiplied, stacked and arrayed - creating 5 storey housing blocks, cheapest pristiq, Pristiq approved, seemingly connected by the long central hallways familiar to a typical apartment building.

ADOC likens each floor to a street - individual homes, connected by a shared pathway, buy pristiq without prescription. We can see this idea in the section best - where the drawing shows not just a narrow hallway, pristiq australia, Buying pristiq online, but what looks like a small, two-storey, find pristiq no prescription required, Buy cheapest pristiq on line, space that connects the individual volumes to the shared path. Now, cheapest pristiq price, Buy pristiq once daily, I have no idea how big this space is - but it looks to be at least the width of the hallway itself.


That said, pristiq online sales, Order pristiq from canada, if the 'outdoor' space is also as long as the individual volume itself and double-height - does this create a useable, individual, cheap pristiq from uk, Canadian pristiq, 'outdoor' emulating space within the structure created by the amalgamation of these individual 'houses'. It's definitely a fascinating idea - combining forms we associated with the things we like about single-family homes to create structures that use the land more efficiently, and achieve a higher density without depriving residents of a sense of individual, private space. Buy pristiq without prescription, Assuming any of this is the case, I think we need to imagine this type of project post-occupancy -where I would expect to find that residents had really taken ownership of their personal volume. Painting, personalizing, decorating, planting - I wonder if you could really achieve the diversity found on an actual street in a project such as this one. I would argue that it may even have to capacity to exceed the individuality found on many streets - as so much single-family residential construction looks so so similar, and the simple fact that single-family homes having clear owners/residents and addresses/land seems to reduce the occupants' desire to personalize the exterior of the building in additional ways.


Thanks to our ninja Manuel for the link - don't hesitate to hit me up if you come across something that you think ninjas should know about. Email me at - or drop me a DM on Twitter @ArchitectureMNP.

This project was also covered a while back by our ninjas over at plusmood, which you can read here.

.:info+images->via ADOC.

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