Pascal Arquitectos : Competitions [part 1]


Today, as our last installment of Pascal Arquitectos: architecte de la semaine, we’re coming at you with two competition entry projects from the firm. The first [shown here] is the Neo-Fa prototype – and that’s all I really know. My guess is that its a hotel / resort of some sort, but it could be an apartment or condo building as well. I do know it looks pretty tiiite though, and lets face it – that’s the most important part of paper architecture anyways.


Want to learn more about the project? Well, me too! If you’re a Spanish speaker [or reader], check out the firm’s webpage – and let us know what it says. I would normally translate it myself, as you MNP faithful already know, but the site is in flash so the text can’t be copied into babel fish.

And don’t forget to come back later for part two of Pascal Arquitectos’ competitions…


all images from the firm’s website

Posted: February 1st, 2007
at 12:07pm by orangemenace

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