Van Jones Tossed Under Bus

The Re:Visionary Project : Van Jones from Urban ReVision on Vimeo.

Van Jones, a presidential adviser on green jobs, was forced to step down before controversy enveloped the entire White House – over some bullshit.

For my third crack at this post [seriously], I’ll try to keep my views on politricks to a minimum and simply say that Van Jones was not an elected official – and that even if he were it wouldn’t matter, since many Republican leaders can not live up to the standards by which he was judged. Essentially, he acted like a real person – and since he’s a Democrat [or whatever he is – not a Republican] he was punished. Yay for politricks being about everything other than what’s good for the country!

Van Jones, you’re a ninja sir – don’t let this bullshit keep you down.

Full story -> NY Times

Posted: September 13th, 2009
at 7:27pm by orangemenace

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