Pamphlet Architecture 30 Winner


[PA30 Jury, left to right: Toshiko Mori, Kevin Lippert, Michael Bell, and Stan Allen]

A winner has been announced in the Pamphlet Architecture 30 Competition [the one linked to from AMNP's sidebar for the past 6 months or so]. The winning entry, entitled: Coupling: Strategies for Infrastructural Opportunism, was submitted by InfraNet Lab / Lateral Office and will be published as number 30 in the critically acclaimed Pamphlet Architecture series of publications. InfraNet Lab / Lateral Office, a nonprofit research collective probing the spatial byproducts of contemporary resource logistics, is composed of Mason White, Lola Sheppard, Neeraj Bhatia, and Maya Przybylski. The winning entrants will receive a $2,500 grant to develop their proposal for publication as Pamphlet 30 in September 2011.

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