2010 Next Generation Competition


“2010 METROPOLIS Next Generation Design Competition


Good design determines how well products, spaces, and systems work from the beginning. We think that great design ideas can make things work even better.�One Design Fix for the Future challenges you to prove us right�whether you are an architect, interior designer, product designer, landscape designer, graphic designer, communication designer. We�re looking for ONE design fix you can make now in your designed environment�the products you use, your home, your workplace, your city, or any commercial application�that, in scale or as inspiration, can improve our future.

To enter, provide one small (but brilliant and elegant) fix�leading to an incremental (or dramatic) change in sustainability. Your fix needn�t have anything to do with �environmentalist engineering� to make a difference. Concentrate on what you know best, are aching to improve in a way that deploys your training and imagination.

DEADLINE: January 29, 2010″

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