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Sushi is a good metaphor for my architecture. The importance in sushi is to choose the best material from the place, in season.

If the journey of the ingredients is too long, the taste of the sushi is compromised. That is a problem that can’t be solved by modern technology, and that programme of using local material in season is the secret of good taste, and the secret of my style.

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There are two important things to make sushi. One is the material and the other is the skill… For sushi, both the power of the material and skill is important and their balance is very important.

I believe that this balance is what people want. People and society are seeking the thing like sushi for the architecture and their city. A variety of people are interested in Japanese architecture and traditions and this is parallel to why sushi is popular in Western country.

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~ Kengo Kuma, first quote from 2008, second from 2009

Posted: October 19th, 2009
at 8:30am by orangemenace

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