Concrete Mushrooms

Concrete Mushrooms Trailer – Albania’s 750,000 inherited bunkers. from Concrete Mushrooms on Vimeo.

AMNP was recently contacted by Elian Stefa & Gyler Mydyti – students at the Landscape Architecture Graduate Program at the Politecnico di Milano – regarding their thesis project. Entitled ‘Concrete Mushrooms‘, the work consists of a 20 minute documentary film they are currently editing, along with a proposal to transform these abandoned bunkers throughout the Albanian landscape into an organized network of permanent shelters to be used by tourists who hike the region.

The project – or the documentary at least – is set to be finished in late December. Hopefully we’ll have more then of what looks like a really interesting proposal.

.:more via-> the Concrete Mushrooms blog

Posted: October 27th, 2009
at 7:01am by orangemenace

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