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Monday, Monday… time for AMNP’s weekly archi-blogosphere link roundup. I’m going to start things off this week with a discussion taking place over at Archinect regarding David Chipperfield’s Des Moines Public Library. Apparently there’s been controversy over Chipperfield asking that the library to not allow photographs of the building to be taken – something about people being disruptive and profiting from his work. Not only does this reflect an insane amount of ego on DC’s part [“my building is so ill that photographers will be all over, disrupting the library’s functions”] – but this is a public building, paid for with public money.

“Permission to photograph the library reading rooms and other public areas of the building may be granted by the library director or her designee. Photographs and videos may not include library signage or the library logo, and photographing may not disrupt library customers’ use of the library. Library employees on duty may not be photographed for political campaigns. Fees for commercial photographs of the library may be established by the library director, subject to the approval of the Board of the Trustees.”

I’m not really coming down on either side of this, as it seems as if they’ve pulled back on the policy and you can request an opportunity to take photos. But it does raise interesting questions about a designer’s rights to her/his completed work. Weigh-in on the topic with your opinion over at Archinect.

And as always, if you see anything on the web that you believe should be linked-to from AMNP -as part of Ninjas on the ‘Net, or the news sidebar – feel free to drop me an email at

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– lastly, don’t miss’s two newest features:A Dozen, and The Industry. Our ninja Kookiecrumbles has been hard at work interviewing artists and featuring their work as well as speaking to industry insider – coming up with some great content that should not be slept on.

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