Kazuhiro Yamanaka: Sleepy Lagoon Table

Sleepy lagoon 10

A piece by Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka, the Sleepy Lagoon table provides an elegant storage solution by cantilevering the table-top on one side, revealing a colorful shelf.

And, it’s pretty ridiculously DOPE.


Sleepy Lagoon(desk)
Year of Design: 2009
Design: Kazuhiro Yamanaka
Dimensions: 860x1600x750mm
Material: Corian(R), Rimex Ti Gold (Sputtered Stainless Steel), Steel (Matt grey powder Coated)

The flowing breeze slides down the surface of the water passing soundlessly.
If we open our minds to the endless surface of the water, which reflects the sky of daybreak, we may receive a message from nature telling us the constant activity of the universe,
The sleepy lagoon is designed to visualise the concept.
The area between the desk top and the curve can be utilised as a space for putting books, news papers, or clothes. A gentle curve is carefully chosen to be harmonized with breeze in the space or even music around the space.



This ninja right here would LOVE one of these – I mean, look how sexy this thing is! So just in case you’re looking to hook a ninja architecture blogger with some x-mas lovin’, think of this table.

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Posted: November 13th, 2009
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  1. hmmm… i wonder how strong it would be though? i tend to sit on some tables around at work. i would hate to accidently hop onto this thing and split it down the middle. =/


    13 Nov 09 at 2:05 pm


  2. well, stainless steel wouldnt split but even a slight bend would suck.


    13 Nov 09 at 2:12 pm


  3. yeah, sitting on it would definitely be an issue…which is something i also do. BUT, it’d be worth never sitting on the desk again, i think – if i could control that.


    13 Nov 09 at 2:26 pm



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