Zaha Hadid on Charlie Rose

[note: to get to Zaha, skip ahead to about the 39:30 mark]

In this interview with Zaha Hadid, Paul Goldberger [architecture critic for the New Yorker] sits in for Charlie Rose. This interview aired in the summer of 2006 [I believe].

Speaking of the New Yorker and Zaha, check out the recent article in the magazine on Hadid and here work, “The Abstractionist“. They’ve also posted an audio slideshow showcasing her newest completed project, the MAXXI Museum in Rome – which opened without any art on display, as ‘the building itself is exhibition enough’ [ha].

Posted: December 22nd, 2009
at 12:58pm by orangemenace

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  1. Thanks for sharing I think this is the longest Zaha conversation I have seen =D

    Rodrigo Medina

    22 Dec 09 at 1:59 pm



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