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HAPPY [wicked cold] NEW YEAR!

I’ve obviously not been particularly attentive to AMNP as of late, but my singular new year’s resolution is to cut the crap and get back to work – hopefully I’ll manage to keep that goal alive for more than the 2 weeks that my resolutions typically last…

And to start the new year off, a quick round-up of some links worth checking out as you try to adjust to being back in the office now that the holidays are finally over.

2009 in review, a decade in retrospect, and the decade ahead []

Burj Dubai opens amid financial crisis []

– Boston’s beautiful brutalism []

– Ouroussoff on the Novartis campus [NY Times]

– the year in architecture [NY Times]

– living in a tiny plastic bunk [NY Times]

– view from Los Angeles City Hall, then and now [LA Times]

architects and chapter 11 [Archidose]

– ‘Landscape Architect’ one of best 50 careers for 2010? [USNews+World Report]

– SF Chinatown tourists don’t see [RaceWire]

– housing bubble threatening China’s boom? [Globe and Mail]

futuristic trailer learning [atelier a+d]

spiral icon + the blobwall and the bomb [BLDGBLOG]

Sumare House [COOLBOOM]

– imaginary subway maps [COOL HUNTING]

Posted: January 5th, 2010
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