Ninjas Do It Best

And by “it”, I of course mean everything…

Our ninja Linda Bennett over at what I’ll call AMNP’s ‘sister site’, Archi-Ninja, has created this comic documenting what she calls the “Top 9 Ninja Characteristics of Awesome Architecture Blogs“. Linda has chosen a blog which she believes best exemplifies each characteristic – naming AMNP for “wisdom”, adding: “Grandmaster ninjas offer knowledge and guidance to all in their dojo”. I know what you’re thinking – AMNP hasn’t even been updated with any kind of consistency in what seems like months. But I assure you that the ninjas have been in retreat, meditating on the “isness” of architecture and blogging.

The other sites selected as representatives of “ninja-ness” [which is definitely not a real word] are:

ArchDaily [Timeliness]
AMNP [Wisdom]
A Daily Dose of Architecture [Regular Diet]
Inhabitat [Never Leave A Trace]
Super Colossal [Super Strength]
Designboom [Masters of Weaponry]
BLDGBLOG [Foresight]
cityofsound [Laser Focus]
DeZeen [Agility]

I have to say, I think Linda should have included her own site in the comic – although, in not she has displayed the 10th ninja characteristic: “modesty”.

.:full comic->via Archi-Ninja

Posted: January 6th, 2010
at 6:15pm by orangemenace

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