Luigi Valente : Indre Sogn Art Centre, LÆRDAL


For our first post on student work, here comes Luigi Valente – a recent graduate of the University of Rome. Submitted as an entry to an international design competition, the project is a proposed a design for the Indre Sogn Art Centre, in Laerdal, Norway. The work was done along with b4 Architects.


Luigi’s description of the project [via his website]:

The project is born from a territorial and urban understanding of the context. Our site is an “hinge” between urban and natural.

The fjord is the principal element in the urban structure of Laerdal: either the mountain that goes down vertically and the water that seeps into it until it becomes glacier are main references in the project.

A second, but not for importance, element is the town with its different parts and heterogeneous characters: the historical tissue, the services axis, the industrial lots and the residential areas.

The existing museum seems to incorporate this complexity in its morphological articulation; and even its position – in a green area between mountain and plane, between the town and the external environment, at the end of the main transversal axis – shows its crucial role, in a difficult balance between a peripheral and a central position.

The new museum complex will be a new “one” organic with the existing and that excites the site’s potentials. It tries to interact with the landscape and the town, becoming the new “urban front”, the border line between the infinity of the nature and the desire of building an internal habitat.




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