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LEED should give performance requirements and let the architect solve the problem. The point system doesn’t scale. A bike rack and air conditioning get you the same point. I’d much rather see BTU and CO2 requirements and let the professional community solve the problem. If you give proscriptive requirements, it stagnates new development and research. It’s like taking a blue book test. You don’t need to know the subject. Because architects deal in creative problem solving, some of that will be curtailed by proscriptive systems.

I also think the LEED point system is overladen in the construction phase versus lifetime energy consumption and secondary effects.

~ Thom Mayne, from “Thom Mayne on Green Design,” an interview with Arch Record

To be fair, LEED has changed since this statement by Mayne – and is still evolving right now. That said, the point system is definitely a strange one. Check out the rest of the interview [possibly from 2008, but whatever] for more on what Mayne thinks about ‘green’ design and the future of sustainable architecture.

Posted: January 18th, 2010
at 2:13pm by orangemenace

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