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[image: Slate’s interactive unemployment map – watch out, it’s pretty depressing]

Happy Monday, and MLK Day, my ninjas!

Now, right to business: everyone reading this should stop – right now – and go donate some money to disaster relief efforts in Haiti. I’m not really sure that it matters who you give the money to, so long as you give it – but since this is an architecture site, I’ll suggest you head over to Architecture for Humanity. When things settle down and this tragic natural disaster starts to fade from the 24 hour cable news channels, I trust that AfH will be in Haiti, hard at work trying to rebuild.

– Frankie G withdraws from Museum of Tolerance project, for financial issues [NY Times]

– the graphics of fear + hate [NY Times]

– Our Bauhaus: why Modernism matters [The New Republic]

– the recovery of Detroit [The New Republic]

blind architects rely on other senses [LA Times]

Architect to replace Arch Record [Architect’s Newspaper]

Sim City Baghdad [The Atlantic]

– 7 tips to start your own architecture firm [modative]

– living surfaces, bichromatic floor tiles [Transmaterial]

– Die Hard, John McClane, Israeli Troop movements, and architecture [BLDGBLOG]

A New Infrastructure book giveaway [Archinect]

– getting steamy in the city [Urban Omnibus]

– architecture one of top 9 professions hit during recession[MSNBC]

– Micronesia fights the Czech attempt to build power plant [Scientific American]

– Wallpaper* announces Design Awards 2010 winners [Bustler]

– lastly, don’t miss’s two newest features :A Dozen, and The Industry. Our ninja Kookiecrumbles has been hard at work interviewing artists and featuring their work as well as speaking to industry insider – coming up with some great content that should not be slept on.

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