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Well, my ninjas, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet, as the man said. My triumphant return to the land of the living [so, the workplace] has been met with sunny skies and mild temperatures here in the Bean, which I’ll go ahead and take as a good sign. And that’s about all I’ve got to say this week – except for a quick ‘f$*k you’ to Tom DeLay for accusing those of us who were [or are still, in many cases] unemployed of not actually searching for work – of “being unemployed because they want to be“. What a dick. Didn’t he step down because of money laundering? And aren’t prominent politricks from the Bush years [both parties] largely responsible for the unemployment numbers? And now he wants to talk shit? I hope DeLay can hide out for a while, because some unemployed factory worker with kids to feed and a little ninja in her/him is going to mush him in the mouth for that mess. Well, I hope so at least.

On a happier note, if you come across something on the interwebs that you think should appear on AMNP – as a post, as part of Ninjas on the ‘Net, or as a quick sidebar link – drop me an email at – or hit me up on Twitter(

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Posted: March 8th, 2010
at 5:00am by orangemenace

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