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Now that I’ve got that out of my system – here’s ‘Transformation House’, from artist / designer Michael Jantzen. While strange at first glance, the ‘house’ is actually based on an incredibly interesting concept – changing the orientation of your house for maximum comfort / enjoyment.


The Transformation House is a design for an interactive, responsive, self-contained structure that can change its shape to accommodate different functions. The five center sections can be rotated manually or automatically around the living space in order to catch the sun to warm the house, catch the wind to cool the house, catch the rain to supply it with water, catch different views, and or to alter the shape of the entire house, just for the fun of it. All of the furnishings are stored inside of four containers that can be rotated up out of the glass floor, and folded open for use. Additional sections could be added to the structure to increase its size. The Transformation House would be made of light weight steel, and it would be partially clad with photovoltaic cells used to generate electricity from the sun for its internal needs [from humanshelter.org].


You ninjas may remember Jantzen’s work from his ‘Wind Shaped Pavilion’ project – never featured here, but it was just about everywhere else on the internet, and in a few magazines [pictured below].


Basic idea – the wind blows through the structure, rotating the various levels in different directions. Pretty siiick…

images from humanshelter.org [Michael Jantzen’s website]

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Posted: March 16th, 2007
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