George Brown College Waterfront Campus

“There have been a lot of condos built on the lake shore over the past couple of decades, but this may be the first purpose-built facility coming to Toronto’s waterfront at which citizens will be able to (inexpensively) get their teeth cleaned”.

George Brown College in Toronto has commisioned  Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects in collaboration with Stantec Architecture to design its new Urban Health Sciences Campus – aiming for LEED Gold on the waterfront building.

I was initially drawn to the renderings – which are sick, by the way – but the building seems to hold a lot of potential. Picking up on what could be considered a typical wharf building typology, the campus extends in a linear fashion towards Lake Ontario – connecting to a new waterfront park. A ‘public’ podium adresses the waterfront while ‘Health Sciences’ programs occupy the upper levels and the street-side volume, allowing the building to function both as a learning environment and a social hub.

The varying programs – namely the public VS private – are connected via a vertical circulation space that is meant to both connect the ground-plane to the building’s public green roofs, while also providing informal interior spaces for cross-discipline interaction between students, faculty, and visitors. See the section below.

I’d be really interest to see how the connection under the street to the second building is made – if it somehow captures the light and open qualities shown in these renderings, or if its a tunnel…

.:images+info->via Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects

Posted: March 11th, 2010
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  2. nice and interesting connection with landscape.
    i like so much grafic presentation for an expressive bulding.
    sorry for english.


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  4. When architecture focuses on merging with the environment is when we get closer to the ancient times. Following nature gives beauty to design.


  5. can anyone tell me what program these renderings are from? (thank you)

    Danny Fisher

    5 Oct 10 at 8:43 am



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