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[image: % of US land devoted to corn (gold), wheat (green), soybeans (pink), cotton (blue), hay (yellow), and fruits/nuts/veggies (red) – via]

Alright, so first thing first – working full time again is exhausting. No joke. Not so much the work itself, but the trying to do any of the things I was used to doing during the day AND working? Damn. I don’t know how I did it before. So please excuse AMNP for being even less attended-to than usual.

That said, I have a totally unrelated rant this week. Let’s begin with a question: would you post a fake job opening, say on Craigslist, for a job that you yourself would normally apply – as a means to get your hands on your “competitions'” resumes and portfolio samples? Because this guy here suggests that he might, and that you might think about it if you’re jobless. I mean, wow. My ninja, feckin’ PLEASE. For starters, you are most definitely not a ninja – ninjas, like most architects actually, are far too secure with themselves to fall to these kinds of immoral depths. Consider this: if this clown actually did post a fake job – and people responded – any serious respondents would have crafted a specific letter, resume, etc etc to meet the listed needs/demands. But not only was their time wasted, but this is a serious breach of assumed trust.

Long story short – dude, you’re a dick for even suggesting this, AND I hope that anyone who tries this BS gets accosted by an angry applicant with a T-square.

Lastly, if you come across something on the interwebs that you think should appear on AMNP – as a post, as part of Ninjas on the ‘Net, or as a quick sidebar link – drop me an email at – or hit me up on Twitter( Now on to the linkage.

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Posted: March 15th, 2010
at 11:36pm by orangemenace

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