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Here’s a question for those of you readers fortunate enough to be employed: are you more or less busy than you were before the economy fell apart? By which I mean – after your firm shed employees, how much slack did you have to pick up? I haven’t personally encountered much more workload since returning to work, but I know others who are expected to do the same work as before the crash, in the same timeframe, with half [at best] the staff. For starters, these aren’t the greatest of working conditions – even longer days, probably a pay cut, basically more responsibility with no benefits – but more importantly, how will this affect the value of our profession’s work in the future? I’d be interested to know how / if previous economic downturns have affected clients [developers in particular] willingness to pay for services. I know I’ve brought this up before, in terms of the future affect of working for free – but what I’m wondering now is if clients will pay a larger staff for what a smaller team is producing during the economic slump.

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