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Alright, so I’m still getting back into the swing of things over here – hence the week showing for this list-o-links. Really tho, if you’re looking to see what ninjas are reading/watching/listening to/whatever then you should follow me on Twitter [@architecturemnp]. I’m hoping to keep the Twitter feed updated on the regular and then to pick selected links for this weekly round-up.

With that in mind – I’m always looking for links! If you come across something on the net that you think should appear on AMNP, or that readers should be made aware of, drop me an email [], hit me up on google talk [same email], contact me via Twitter, or simply leave a comment here on the site. In particular I would love to get Ninja Arithmetic going again, which was really made possible by reader submissions. Hope  to hear from you – and enjoy the week ahead.

– looking for a dope metal facade for a project? turn to Bill Zahner [WIRED]

– we should run a competition for designs for some kind of outpost for the giant chunk of ice that broke of of Greenland… [Boston Globe]

– low-E windows might melt your neighbor’s vinyl siding [Architect’s Newspaper]

– will we start staying in one home for life, and stop worrying about re-sale value? [NY Times]

– how to hustle for work [Small at Large]

– convert Delhi’s stormwater channels, called ‘nullahs’, into recreational waterways and cycle paths? [Business Standard]

– Camden to close all its libraries, permanently? I wonder what will happen to the buildings…and the children [NPR]

– Mexican ‘Cave of Swallows’ reproduced life-sized on side of Manhattan skyscraper as ad for tourism

– John, the ninja running Archidose, is a week in to ‘31 in 31‘, his series documenting 31 projects in 31 days. don’t miss it.

Posted: August 9th, 2010
at 6:00am by orangemenace

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