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[3D compositions (concepts for Iron Man 2) by Prologuevia]

Monday Monday Monday…well, Sunday night for me actually. I like to use these ninjas on the net posts to vent a little sometimes, and was considering losing my mind over this whole Islamic Cultural Center in the general region we will forever know as Ground Zero – but it seems played out. That, and I guess I don’t have much to say about it. Haters gonna hate, I suppose – and bigots even more so. I would like to point everyone in the direction of this great little map over at C-Monster’s Tumblr site and put this out there, tho – which basically just illustrates the fact that while Ground Zero itself may be hallowed ground, the surrounding area is just NYC. We’re not turning all of Manhattan into an extended memorial – it just ain’t happening.

Anyways, I’m always looking for links! If you come across something on the net that you think should appear on AMNP, or that readers should be made aware of, drop me an email [], hit me up on google talk [same email], contact me via Twitter, or simply leave a comment here on the site. And as I said last week – I’d really like to get the Ninja Arithmetic posts going again, and they relied mostly on reader submissions.

Have a good week.

Turf issue of ArchitectureBoston

Blink, a great slideshow of landscapes in process [ArchitectureBoston]

– urban China + the largest exodus in human history [eVolo]

– Hawking says we should start moving… to another world [Treehugger]

– winners of the ‘All That Glitters…’ competition announced [Bustler]

Slum Tourism, which many architects are guilty-of [NY Times]

LEGO models of famous buildings! [Washington Post]

– Kapoor told to try again on Olympic tower [The Independent]

– Strata tower, looking like an electric razor, wins 2010 Carbuncle Cup [bd online]

– a vanishing mosque wins for RUX [archiCentral]

high speed rail in the US! yay! Welcome to the late 20th century… [Inrastructurist]

– loud paper on the death of John Chase [loud paper]

– architecture + Byzantine Art [TNR]

– read Ayn Rand from space (don’t know why, but people love that crazy fool) [TNR]

– Sun Ra lectures at UC Berkeley 1971 (not architecture, but dope) [FREE DÉFENDU]

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