Ninja Arithmetic LXIII


[solution: architecture + God (complex) = The Berg]

This week’s ninja math was submitted by AMNP reader Matt K. – who has been pretty consistently dropping great ninja math equations on us.

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Archi-Visualization – Rendering Styles


These two images appeared over at WAN on Nov. 16th in an article entitled “Masterplanning Mumbai“, detailing a masterplan project for?Bombay Boulevard, Mumbai, that was recently awarded to BDP.

Now, I’m not looking to discuss the project itself really. Rather, I’d like to know what people think about the two different rendering styles employed by the firm for this one proposal. After the comments received regarding the stunning Farnsworth House images created by Peter Guthrie [which can be seen here], I’m curious to know how people feel about these renderings – neither of which photorealism [obviously].

Also, what do people think about these digital models that look like physical models? By which I mean images that make no attempt at looking like photorealistic representations of the final product – but which instead look like simple scale models of a project.

Furthermore, if you can produce something as rich, dynamic, and detailed as the sketch above, is something in the style of the rendering below necessary?


.:actual article on this project->via WAN

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NotM EASTERN design: MON Factory


[click images for larger view]

“House with Crest”

The holes are lined up on a cross shape. The hole is made on the architecture like the perforated line. This architecture is “House with Crest”. A light that penetrates into the architecture always moves and never stays. It is a symbolic spectacle. A light that goes through the hole is projected in a circle shape, moves unlimitedly, and never stays. Occasionally, it disappears, and it appears.

For our second installment of Ninjas of the Month: Eastern Design we have the MON Factory/House 8 in Kyoto, Japan. Completed in 2007, the 260 m2 project houses both a workshop of a traditional craftsman and his family home.


The owner wanted a home that could accommodate his business – creating crests for traditional Japanese clothing – while keeping the living and work spaces distinct and separate. EASTERN’s solution was to raise the majority of the project off of street level, creating a parking area beneath the main structure of the building, with a storefront for the craftsman’s business on the street. The workspace is then directly above the shop, connecting the two spaces while making the actual workshop more private.


The second level – with the workshop and living spaces – is divided by two courtyards into it’s primary parts, namely the workshop, the living room / kitchen area, and the bedroom, by two small courtyard spaces. Essentially, hallways run along both sides of the house [around these courtyards, which don’t reach the perimeter of the building], connecting the various spaces. Get a better look at the plan in larger detail, here.

We “lift the one-storied house to the sky” to create calm interior space. It is lifted to 3m in the sky. The space under that is lent as a parking lot. The one-storied house lifted to the sky makes “two outside spaces placed among three inside spaces”. The wind and the light of nature gather from the sky into two outside void spaces. And that extends to three inside spaces.


The only break in the exterior concrete walls of the building come in the form of a series of circular ‘holes’ – which speak directly to the circular shape of the tradition crests being made in the workshop.

Two street side walls overlap on “Mise (show/shop)” space from right and left as like the breast of the Kimono. The “breast” interior becomes the shop space. The circular holes made for a cross shape becomes a pattern that decorates the wall as a crest. The kinds of crests reaches 7000. Any complicated crest pattern is formed from circle.


The workshop area and the living area are separated and also connected. The client and his daughter have such living style. The crest making is a delicate work and also a business work. It is quiet, and also busy. The drifting cloud is seen, and they finish working, and relax in the living room at the middle space.

The reflected light becomes an infinite line of light and extends into the darkness of twilight on both side window of the living room. And the dark becomes deeper. In this one-storied house lifted to the sky a night goes on like that.



�Xficfi@ ���C�A�E�

�Xficfi@ ���C�A�E�

Next week we’ll be back with the next installment of this current ‘Ninja(s) of the Month’ feature, looking into the work of EASTERN design.

.:previous firm profile of EASTERN design office->

.:Slit House->

::photographs by Kouichi Torimura::

::images, info + quoted text courtesy of EASTERN design office, Inc::

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On Top of the Burj Dubai


This video is kind of horrifying – and that’s all I really have to say.

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Quote of the Day


I’m afraid that people don’t want the future to happen. In order for people to want this, each person has to have goals in their life, to feel proud. Work is one of the ways of achieving this. Unemployment is dangerous because then people don’t use their resources. Each individual has to be able to use their abilities.

~ Tadao Ando, in interview with designboom [via]

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Ninjas on the ‘Net

global voices map

[image: Map of threatened or arrested bloggers around the world – via]

Monday, Monday – time for another trip through the archi-blogosphere. Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed that the recession seems to be killing of content / sites? I feel like there was a time when there were more architecture + design themed sites than I could keep up with – and now, not so much the case. Not so important, I guess – because the ninjas are still here.

Anyways, moving along – if you see anything on the web that you believe should be linked-to from AMNP [as part of Ninjas on the ‘Net, or the news sidebar] feel free to drop me an email at

– ‘sleep box‘, for napping anywhere [dezeen]

– ‘house on a slope‘ [CoolBoom]

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flooded NYC + Tokyo by Studio Lindfors [BLDGBLOG]

– new Nike store in Tokyo [COOL HUNTING]

– ‘The Wrong Way Forward‘ by Varnelis [Triple Canopy]

– interview with Bjarke Ingles [Archi-Ninja]

– ‘11Boxes‘ in Tokyo by Keiji Ashizawa Design [daily TONIC]

Green Modular Malaysian Idea House [Jetson Green]

Model House for I’Park City, UN Studio [+MOOD]

– Sou Fujimoto ‘House H‘ [designboom]

interview with Bernard Plattner, of Renzo Piano Buildin Workshop [Trays]

– ‘A Defensive Architecture‘, awesome images [Interactive Architecture]

– ‘pixels of driftwood‘ by Bleu Nature [CONTEMPORIST]

– lastly, don’t miss’s two newest features:A Dozen, and The Industry. Our ninja Kookiecrumbles has been hard at work interviewing artists and featuring their work as well as speaking to industry insider – coming up with some great content that should not be slept on.

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C. Sinclair: Refugees of Boom-and-Bust

“At TEDGlobal U, Cameron Sinclair shows the unreported cost of real estate megaprojects gone bust: thousands of migrant construction laborers left stranded and penniless. To his fellow architects, he says there is only one ethical response.”

.:via->TED Talks

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Kazuhiro Yamanaka: Sleepy Lagoon Table

Sleepy lagoon 10

A piece by Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka, the Sleepy Lagoon table provides an elegant storage solution by cantilevering the table-top on one side, revealing a colorful shelf.

And, it’s pretty ridiculously DOPE.


Sleepy Lagoon(desk)
Year of Design: 2009
Design: Kazuhiro Yamanaka
Dimensions: 860x1600x750mm
Material: Corian(R), Rimex Ti Gold (Sputtered Stainless Steel), Steel (Matt grey powder Coated)

The flowing breeze slides down the surface of the water passing soundlessly.
If we open our minds to the endless surface of the water, which reflects the sky of daybreak, we may receive a message from nature telling us the constant activity of the universe,
The sleepy lagoon is designed to visualise the concept.
The area between the desk top and the curve can be utilised as a space for putting books, news papers, or clothes. A gentle curve is carefully chosen to be harmonized with breeze in the space or even music around the space.



This ninja right here would LOVE one of these – I mean, look how sexy this thing is! So just in case you’re looking to hook a ninja architecture blogger with some x-mas lovin’, think of this table.

.:Kazuhiro Yamanaka->

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Peter Guthrie’s Farnsworth Renderings


I’m not normally one to get all geeked over some photorealistic architectural renderings [as many readers probably know at this point]. That’s mostly because I question their value in design, when compared to the effort/time/cost involved in producing them. But, when I see something like the work of Peter Guthrie I’m still taken aback by how incredibly real these renderings can be. I came across his work over at our ninja the Architectural Scholar’s site earlier this week.

Created during his free-time, these renderings of Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House were generated from VRAY and a SketchUp model.

I’ll say that again – A SKETCHUP MODEL. Ridiculous.





.:Peter Guthrie->

.:Farnsworth House Renderings Flickr Set->

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Ninja Arithmetic LXII


[solution: SANAA’s New Museum + itself, x an empty glass = Edificio Correos Chile, by Zerafa Architecture Studio]

“Some (ninjas) just need to be called out”.

That’s the only thing AMNP reader Joshua had to add to this submission of Ninja Arithmetic.

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