Jetson Green: Chartwell School Gets A+


Jeff, green ninja over at Jetson Green writes:

Although memories of elementary school for most of us may evoke images of stuffy classrooms, florescent lights, and playground bullies, students at Chartwell School located in Seaside, CA (near Monterey) are quite proud of their new school campus. That’s because the USGBC recently gave them an A+ in green building. In December, Chartwell students announced that they were first complete educational campus to be awarded LEED Platinum, which makes them just about the greenest school campus in the country. Congrats also to Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC for their LEED Platinum middle-school building.

Click here to read read the rest of this article [this is just an excerpt ] over at Jetson Green.

::article written by Jeff, a writer over at Jetson Green – original article entitled Chartwell School Receives A+ from USGBC. These articles from Jetson Green on MNP’s Green Tuesdays are part of a feature you can find here every week – just click any Tuesday in the calender and enjoy! And for more ‘green’ news + info, head on over to Green.MNP::

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Conspiracy Theory: MNP VS Eisenman


So no posts today on this MNP site, as a Patriots Superbowl loss is like kryptonite to this ninja here – that, and today is the official day of mourning for what could have been the greatest thing in NFL history. Lucky if I even show up to the work today.

I do just want to throw something out there, however: PETER EISENMAN [no link love!] IS A GIANTS FAN. He spoke at my alma mater a few years back, and confessed to all in attendance that he loved the G-Men. Coincidence? Think so if you want, but someone of my 9th dan status knows that there’s no such thing. I know a conspiracy when I see one. I mean, think about it: Eisenman is an architect…a profession with roots in the masons…who formed the Illuminati…who control the world…you see where I’m going with this? Ridiculous.

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VS 03.02.2008: Sustainable Bogotá


From Autodesk’s/PBS’ e2 series we bring you Bogotá : Building A Sustainable City. If Brad Pitt can’t convince you to care about sustainability, then I just don’t know who can.

::Video Sundays, or VS, is a weekly feature here on architecture.MNP. For more architecture-related videos, click on any Sunday in the sidebar calendar – or on the ‘videos’ category in the ‘archjutsu’ section. Additional videos that have been featured on any of the MNP sites can be found here on our YouTube page::

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Behnisch Architekten – Pittsburgh RiverPark


[Image: RiverPark Night Rendering]

Here is a little more information on the Pittsburgh RiverPark by Behnisch Architekten . Menace hit y’all with a post on work they exhibited at the GSD back in September of the year past. So here is the skinny on the RiverPark:

Is: A competition-winning design that incorporates green urban design initiative in the form of various height and size mixed-use buildings.

Now: Pittsburgh is a city with a lack of housing in their core downtown area [cities such as NYC, Toronto, & Boston have a good mix of housing throughout their concrete jungles].


[Image: RiverPark Waterfront Rendering]

Aim: For people to re-examine the ‘American Dream’ – a house in the ‘burbs, 2.5 kids, etc. – for an all-in-one living experience within a pedestrian-friendly, developing area of downtown Pittsburgh.

Proposed: RiverPark – ‘an urban rejuvenation project’ that merges an ensemble of flexible, green mixed-use buildings on six acres. The design incorporates 700 residential units overall, varying the forms and styles of the proposed units. Mixed in with the residences will be retail shops, restaurants, lifestyle facilities [such as a gym], a hotel and convention hall facilities.


[Image: City Rendering 01]

Anyone in design school who has had the pleasure [however excruciating it may have been at the time] to formulate their own ideas on how mixed-use buildings [or areas] should be formed know how difficult it is to a. come up with something that works, b. have it function in terms of space, flow, engagement to the existing city fabric, and c. look good, period. Add green-specific systems into the mix, and one is designing a whole other beast all together. But hakuna matata, my ninjas, cause Behnisch got it all locked in.

Green?: There are a number of systems included in the design of the RiverPark. In terms of energy, there will be a [noiseless!] wind turbine at the water front, photovoltaics integrated into the south facing facade, and an underground water heating/ cooling pump. The micro-climate within the RiverPark was also reimagined with the use of green roofs and landscaping and water features [probably to regulate the super-high humidity in the summer and strong cold fronts in the winter]. The staggered building heights allow for direct sunlight to pass through the buildings and shine uninhibited onto the water front.


[Image: Energy Concept Diagram]


[Image: Micro-Climate Concept Diagram]

The Behnisch RiverPark design can really be used as a stepping-stone for success in most American cities that have not already had major downtown renovations. I have walked around a city like Toronto [where it fronts The Harbor] and the pedestrian interaction and general activities that occur daily along the waterfront really engage a multitude of individuals and their varied interests [note: did anyone know Toronto has an art museum along the waterfront? Get up north and visit, my ninjas! Also get into the city and visit here and here too]. Also, as the time of day changes the activities also change with it. It’s kinda a mix of Providence’s Water-Fire and Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, except i don’t feel like I’m gonna get mugged walking around at night. Canada just produces more docile ninjas, i guess.


[Image: City Rendering 02]

All images & information from the Behnisch website. Peace.

[[Post by DUBS]]

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Bird’s Nest


With the lofty goal of both attempting to understand the methods of Herzog & De Meuron and their design process, AND explore the ‘intentions, expectations and strategies’ of the Chinese government, Bird’s Nest: Herzog & De Meuron in China definitely sounds like a film worth checking out [when it drops].

Architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are literally building bridges between two cultures, two architectural traditions, and two political systems. Their work doesn’t simply enhance China’s great international debut, but serves the everyday needs of the Chinese population.

Unfortunately, it’s going straight to DVD [maybe we can organize some viewings somehow? Think about it ninjas - got any connects?] – and should be released this summer. Well be sure to give the massive a heads-up a week or so in advance.


::Image, info + quote from the Bird’s Nest website::

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Reused Fast Food


Our ninja Jimmy from Life Without Buildings [great site, by the way] dropped MNP an email about a recent post, responding to our coverage of the world’s loveliest Kentucky Fried Chicken. Not to be outdone, Life Without Buildings has flipped the script on us, so to speak, and provides us with Spork – a San Fran eatery housed within what used to be a KFC. Craziness.

My ninjas, please!

It’s chic, its modern – and it still smells like popcorn chicken [well, probably not the last part].


Honestly, it reminds me of when a corporate gas station [Shell, Mobile, etc] is bought by a local/newbie to the petroleum game – and they paint the entire place monochrome, typically gray or blue in these parts. Makes my cynical side wonder if Spork was just trying to save some dough, removing the KFC branding as simply as possible. Let’s hope there’s more to it than that.
Check out the Life Without Buildings post here.

::Special thanks to our ninja Jimmy from LWB for hitting us up about this project::

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Eye Candy: Mickey D’s


[Image: Bulanda Mucha Architkci, McDonald’s in Czestochowa]

This week’s Eye Candy is a follow-up to a post from last week – ‘World’s Nicest KFC?‘. Some comments were left about McDonald’s, 9th Dan of fast food food chains, and then we received an email from our ninja Eric over at Eye Candy with some images and links showing off a number of fancy Mickey D’s designs. In order to avoid my ranting, I’ve decided NOT to comment at length on McDonald’s impact on the built environment. Really, you’d just think that something based on simplicity, coast effectiveness and mas production would come up with some kind of kick-ass streamlined prefab [not shitty 1970's looking brick]. Plus, those giant yellow arches should lead to some serious craziness [and these 1950′s era throwback diners aren’t what I’m talking about]. My ninjas, PLEASE.

Enjoy the absurdity.


[Image: Njiric&Njiric McDonald’s]


[Image: SITE’s Floating McDonald’s, now ‘fixed’ so it has a base and no longer ‘hovers’]


[Image: SITE‘s Floating McDonald’s, detail]

I especially like SITE‘s McDonald’s, because they didn’t bother redesigning the restaurant – they just cut off its base, as if laughing at the ridiculousness of the building.

Ba-da da da daaa…I’m lovin’ it.


[Image: Heikkinen-Komonen McDonald’s Office Building, Helsinki, Finland]

Fascinated? [I know you are] Check out these links too:

Archidose: 50 Years Ago Today [history of Mickey D's]
BusinessWeek’s Mickey D’s McMakeover

Planetizen: Is That A Load-bearing French Fry?


[Image: Helmut Jahn‘s Future McDonald’s in Chicago]

::Special thanks to our ninja Eric over at Eye Candy for emailing us with all these images + links, after our KFC post::

::Eye Candy is a weekly post on exactly what it sounds like – something cool to look at, whether because the project is ill or simply because it warrants a ‘my ninjas, please‘. Find it here on architecture.MNP every Wednesday along with the Ninja Arithmetic feature – because hump-day is a bitch for ninjas, too::

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Ninja Arithmetic XXIV


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build your own apple store


Head on over to oobject to read up on all the things you need to build your very own Apple store [goofy, but entertaining - click the title of this post to read the article].

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Masdar: Model Ecopolis


Many of you may remember a post we did a while back on Foster’s plans for the walled, carbon-neutral, ‘eco-city’ of Masdar. Well, more informations been released, which you can check out over at Treehugger [just click the title of this post].

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