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Death of a Ninja: Ted Kennedy


Sad news this morning: Senator Edward M. Kennedy passed away last night [Tuesday August 25, 2009]. The Kennedy family released a statement this morning:

“Edward M. Kennedy , the husband, father, grandfather, brother and uncle we loved so deeply , died late Tuesday night at home in Hyannis Port. We’ve lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives, but the inspiration of his faith, optimism, and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever.”

I would just like to say this: while willing to compromise with Republicans in order to achieve partial goals rather than let legislation fail, Kennedy was a bastion of liberalism – making it his life’s work to achieve the goal of healthcare for all Americans. I’m saddened for all of us, knowing that Kennedy didn’t live to see this lifetime goal accomplished – and knowing that so many Americans have not been convinced that healthcare for all is a basic human right that should be protected [and if needed, supplied] by our government. I think we’ll find that the ninja was ahead of his time in this respect.

Teddy, you were a politician – but you seemed to be a decent one, and you will be sorely missed in a political system that really couldn’t afford to lose you as a leader. Rest in peace, sir.

.:obituary + related stories of the life of Teddy K ->

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Quote of the Day [Death of a Ninja]


[Image: Shulman photographing Case Study House no. 22, California 1960, via]

“Don’t have to. Everyone’s willing to wait

~ Julius Shulman [October 10, 1910 – July 15, 2009], when asked if he ever had to turn down assignments [via].

[I realize this isn’t a ‘deep’ quote that gives any insight into Shulman’s work, but I thought it was representative of the impact he had – and made him sound like the man.]

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Death of a Ninja: Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson, ‘The King of Pop’
August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the passing of a cultural icon, Michael Jackson.

I obviously can’t speak to the controversy that surrounded so much of his life in recent memory – nor can I turn a blind eye, because he’s passed, to the possibility that the allegations may be true. His image and legacy will forever be tarnished by events of the last decade or so, but dwelling on uncertain facts at this point seems disrespectful. Everyone ‘believes’ something about what happened, yet most ‘know’ nothing – I think its important to consider the difference between the two now that the man is gone.

The controversy is over – we are now faced with deciding how we chose to remember this incredible artist, a legend in his own lifetime.

For the immediate future [at least], I’d like to stick with what I know to be true: Michael Jackson changed global music and pop culture, forever – and I love his music. He was an incredible talent, and will be missed.

Rest in peace, sir.

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Kurt Vonnegut Jr : Death of a Ninja


Sad literary news today on architecture.mnp, as author and ninja extraordinaire Kurt Vonnegut Jr. died last night in Manhattan at the age of 84. A ninja in true fashion, Vonnegut basically invented a style of writing all his own – blending satire, science-fiction, autobiography, dark comedy, and pure crazy into something unique and indescribable that helped to define postmodern fiction.

Here’s a list of some of his work, as ‘graded’ by Vonnegut in his book Palm Sunday:

* Player Piano: B
* The Sirens of Titan: A
* Mother Night: A
* Cat’s Cradle: A-plus
* God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater: A
* Slaughterhouse-Five: A-plus
* Welcome to the Monkey House: B-minus
* Happy Birthday, Wanda June: D
* Breakfast of Champions: C
* Slapstick: D
* Jailbird: A
* Palm Sunday: C

[personally, I would disagree with the Breakfast of Champions grade, as I loved that book – but, to each his own]



Rest in peace Sir.

More on Vonnegut’s life and writing at, and wikipedia

NPR remembers Kurt Vonnegut

His books on Amazon

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