MVRDV – Parkrand building


Welcome to MVRDV and Richard Hutten’s Parkrand Building in Amsterdam – 5 towers built in 2006 [on a shared deck] facing a public park, all interconnected by a two-storey roof plate [which really makes the bulding look more like one mass than 5 towers].

The project can be regarded as a ‘key-operation within the urban renewal of Geuzeveld-Slotermeer. The building should provide an iconographic quality to the neighborhood which was lacking before [from MVRDV’s homepage]


In an attempt to both create more social interaction & sense of community between the residents of the building, and connect with the park across the street, the roof of the first level [the deck shared between the 5 towers] is used to create an outdoor ‘living room’ – creating a physical and psycological connection between the individual towers.



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Posted: July 23rd, 2007
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