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reNEWable Times Square

To all our NYC ninjas:

As we’ve all heard, its been decided that the areas on Broadway from 47th to 42nd that were made pedestrian plazas will be permanently converted from streets to public space. While plans are being made for how this should be done, the city is looking for local artists/architects/designers/whoever to submit proposals for temporary surface treatments for all 5 plazas and ancillary spaces.

The final selected design shall be translated into a surface treatment by a contractor selected by the New York City Department of Transportation. The selected artist shall be awarded a design fee in the amount of $15,000 to be funded by the Mayor’s Fund.

The design is expected to be installed by mid-July. The temporary treatment will remain in place for approximately eight months and will be monitored and maintained by the Times Square Alliance. The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, April 16, 2010. Questions and answers will be posted to Details on how to submit questions are contained in the RFP.

The design competition is project of New York DOT in partnership with the Times Square Alliance.  As Business Improvement District for Times Square and Broadway Theater District, the Alliance has conducted a number of studies regarding the pedestrian spaces of Times Square and produces public art projects and events.  Information on these activities is available at

Good luck people – AMNP will post the winners when they’re announced.

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‘Pole Dance’ by SO-IL Wins P.S.1 Comp

The P.S.1 installation competition seems to be an increasingly popular, creative, and fun way for architects / designers to express themselves simply for architecture’s sake – while creating an interesting space to be used, seemingly, as a kind of rallying point for architecture and design related events in NYC. With a new year comes a new installation, adding to a growing list of impressive work by up-and-coming designers.

Sure not to disappoint, this year Brooklyn based SO-IL [for Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu] has been named winner of the competition, for an entry entitled ‘Pole Dance’.

“What we wanted to do is propose a structure that was constantly trying to find its balance as it was influenced by people and outside forces. It’s a take on the wider world, where we’re always trying to find balance in our lives and in everything around us.”

The installation will lay out a 12′ grid of 2 inch thick, 25 feet tall fiberglass poles – which, due to these dimensions, etc, will be quite flexible. A roughly 9,000 square foot stretchy net will be suspended – the form of which will be dynamically altered as the poles sway. Lastly, a number of brightly colored balls will be bouncing around on this netting, allowing visitors to ‘play’ with the installation.

Sounds, and looks, pretty dope.

SO-IL PS1 Pole Dance from SO-IL on Vimeo.

.:via->The Architect’s Newspaper

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Actual Lego House


My ninja, please.

James May continues his quest to show what is possible with old-fashioned toys by using them on a scale never seen before. In one of his biggest challenges yet, James attempts to build a full-size house out of Lego.

.:via->the BBC

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The Fun Theory: Piano Stairs


This actually seems pretty great – I’d love to see some video of people actually playing a song [which you know someone must have done].

“Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better” is something we often hear or read in the Sunday papers. Few people actually follow that advice. Can we get more people to take the stairs over the escalator by making it fun to do?


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Graffiti Gone Global

sculpture gallry shot

Presented by SUSHISAMBA, Graffiti Gone Global is an exhibition planned as part of 2009 Art Basel Miami Beach – featuring a selection of work from “today’s top street artists”. The exhibit will run from December 4th through December 6th.

In an attempt to improve upon the typical white-walled gallery space, SUSHISAMBA has commissioned Miami-based architect HOX to design a Brazilian favela-inspired structure for the space – seen in the images here.


Now, from what I can tell HOX has no website [ridiculous, I know – these ninjas aren’t H&deM], so information is pretty limited on the installation being created – but I thought these images were promising. The stepping/terracing cubes and box-like forms, suspended in the space and pushing out into the exhibit, could be an interesting abstraction of the favelas – and for a dynamic addition to the exhibit.

All that said, HOX’s lack of internet presence has me thinking they might be imaginary…



.:Graffiti Gone Global blog->

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Learning From Nature


3XN has recently completed a pavilion – dubbed ‘Learning From Nature’ – as part of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art’s ‘Green Architecture for the Future’ architectural exhibition , intended to showcase design possibilities when using cutting edge, intelligent and sustainable materials.

The Pavilion has given us the opportunity to showcase the possibilities which exist in building with sustainable and intelligent materials. Our objective has been to show that Green Architecture can be dynamic and active.  We often think that we need to minimize use of resources at all costs. Instead of focusing on consuming the least amount of energy, we need to focus on producing and using energy and materials in a more intelligent way than is the case today.

~ Kim Herforth Nielsen, Founder and Principal of 3XN


With a form derived from the mobius strip, the pavilion is essentially a showcase for these materials, technologies, and strategies – which I’l cover quickly here, so you can get an idea of what’s going on.

– the structure is biodegradable, so it can be decomposed after use

– synthetic materials have been replaced with biological/reusable ones, such as a bio composite made from flax fibers cast in biological resin for the outer shell of the structure, and cork sheets for the core

– 1mm flexible solar cells have been placed on the top face of the structure, which, in combination with piezoelectric materials in the floor that generate an electric current from the weight of the visitors, allows the pavilion to be energy self-sufficient [it powers integrated LED lights]

– the pavilion is coated with nanoparticles that make the surfaces self cleaning, and with a coating that adds ‘air cleaning properties’ to the structure through a chemical process called photocatalysis [air quality is improved within an 8-feet radius of air cleaning surfaces – for both effects, think titanium dioxide, altho I’m unsure if that’s what they used]

– the building retains heat using phase-changing materials, which retain energy when heated by the sun, and then release this energy as heat later in the day when the air cools


This right here is what I’m talking about – fight climate change, pollution, and energy consumption issues with siiick science + technology. I mean, imagine if all buildings were coated with self cleaning + air-cleaning materials – and the floors of all public spaces [and roads, maybe?] utilized piezoelectric materials to generate some electricity. None of these will single-handedly solve any of our current problems, but I’m down for a ‘death by thousand cuts’ solution to out climate and energy problems.

I would advise actually following some of those links for the materials – some really interesting stuff there, even though the links only scratch the surface of the potential uses.

::all info, images + quoted text provided by 3XN::

::photos by Adam Mørk::

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South Face, by Massimo Iosa Ghini

South Face 01

Sustainable but beautiful: this is the goal I have pursued in all of my projects for years. South Face is the outcome of this constant quest for sustainable design that engages with actual production systems found on the market.

An installation designed by Iosa Ghini Associati for the 2009 Interni Design Energies, Milano, ‘South Face’ provides informal, sheltered seating for passers-by. Constructed of an insulated modular wall of hollow panels made from an eco-cement, the façade  of the installation provides some thermal insulation for the small space it encloses – while using the south-facing façade as a ‘vertical garden’, intended to absorb a limited amount of carbon dioxide from the local environment.

South Face 02

The designers make the argument that “sustainability is usually associated with sterile forms in which aesthetics are often overlooked”, and therefore their project aims to “create spectacular aesthetic effects, making sustainability both beautiful and feasible”. While I would say that many sustainable projects are both ‘green’ and ‘beautiful’ [obviously], I think that there remains a need to push this argument that projects aren’t ‘good’ simply because they’re ‘green’. I’m slightly concerned that while sustainability will survive the economic downturn and this apparent current trend against the ‘architecture of excess’, that this new trend isn’t appropriately concerned with aesthetic value. Cameron Sinclair isn’t Mies, arguing for a form-follows-function approach that lends itself to ‘beautiful’ design – rather, we’ve entered into a conversation seemingly built upon the idea that the aesthetics aren’t important, which seems to be little more than an excuse for bad design.

.:some additional technical info -> via Interni Magazine

::images + quoted text provided by Iosa Ghini Associati::

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$100 Trillion Dollar Wallpaper


I hate to say that this is ‘cool’, as it reflects some very serious issues caused by Robert Mugabe and his [essentially] terrible leadership of Zimbabwe – but, this is a great idea for protesting/speaking out. We’ve all heard some thing or another about currency so worthless it’s only good for wallpaper – but where have you seen it actually used for wallpaper? And as a political statement?


Long story short, Mugabe is responsible for Zimbabwe’s ridiculous hyperinflation [he just printed TONS of money with nothing to back it, is my understanding]. Things are so bad that they’ve printed Z$100 trillion dollar notes that can by you essentially nothing. The Zimbabwean Newspaper – which was chased into exhile by Mugabe’s government – has started this ad campaign in response to this hyperinflation, Mugabe, and a 55% ‘luxury’ tax placed on the sale of the paper which makes it unaffordable for many citizens.


The campaign features this billboards covered in bills, the brick wall shown above ‘wallpapered’ in the bills, and bills themselves handed out as flyers with various messages printed on them.

The newspaper’s sales have increased by 300%.

View more photos here, at the project’s Flickr page.


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The Prada Transformer


Many of you may have seen this at this point – but check out OMA’s Prada Transformer, a design for a pavilion which will open in Seoul, Korea sometime in a month or so. Check out this video of Rem discussing the project.
Essentially a strange tetrahedron, the pavilion serves multiple functions / programs through it’s ability to be lifted and turned on to another side, revealing a new plan. The tetrahedron is made up of sides of 4 different shapes – hexagon, cross, rectangle and circle – all of which will be contained by some kind of elastic membrane material, enclosing the space inside. Each of these shapes then forms the plan for a different program – while the others create the ceiling and walls, until the structure is rotated and ‘transforms’ again [Rem, in the video explanation, actually references transformers…which is hilarious to me for some reason].


What I’m wondering is, are they going to do something with the underside of these shapes that make up the tetrahedron? One side [above] is shown red, which I suppose is better than nothing – but in general it looks as if it might be this strange gray structure, that looks almost unapproachable. I guess we’ll see when they build it…

Anyways, enough of my explanation – go watch the video.

.: Prada Transformer video ->

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Shepard Fairey Spotted in Boston


About a week and a half or so ago now Shepard Fairey showed up around the corner from where I work and began put up the installation seen above – a piece [I assume] to promote his current show at Boston’s ICA [which is about a 10 minute walk from where these photos were taken]. It was pretty cool to walk outside to grab some lunch and see him and a crew pasting up the posters – and thankfully a co-worker of mine had the sense to shoot some photos.

Pretty sick – definitely livens up the corner.


Some photos [better than these] of this piece and other works around Boston are also up on Fairey’s site – to promote the ICA show, which is a 20 year retrospective on his work. OBEY the Giant and head over to the show if you’re in town [note: I think the ICA is free to the public on Thursdays, 5-9pm!].


Just a thought – this happened because of the Obama poster? I don’t know that – I’m asking. Because if so, I wonder how is work will be received by those who were unfamiliar with him before.
.:more pics from the Bean from Fairey ->

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