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Buy female pink viagra without prescription, We can only wish.

Yesterday a coworker sent me a link to this New York Observer article describing mayor Bloomber's desire for 10 additional buildings by Frank Gehry by the end of his term. Bloomberg is out of office in two years, female pink viagra online stores. Buy cheapest female pink viagra, By the mayor's own estimation, that means Gehry has 70 days to crank out each project - which we know isn't really how things work, buy female pink viagra pills, Female pink viagra uk, but is still a crazy thing to think about. But even crazier, female pink viagra online cheap, Order female pink viagra from canada, I'd argue, is the idea of 10 more buildings by America's favorite "hey, cheap female pink viagra, Where to buy female pink viagra, I know that guy" starchitect, pseudo-commissioned by the mayor, find cheap female pink viagra online. Cheapest female pink viagra online, It's strange.

Now it would be easy to take the hater route and complain about how NYC would look like a pile of misshapen, curvy metal panels - but that's getting tired, buy female pink viagra without prescription. Besides, female pink viagra tablet, Order female pink viagra no rx, Gehry seems increasingly interesting when given some room to move now that the 2000's are done and people aren't throwing absurd amounts of cash at him while demanding another Bilbao. You could complain - and I'd agree to some extent on this - that Gehry is famous for being famous at this point, like a Kardashian of architecture, buy female pink viagra once daily. Cheap female pink viagra internet, "Oh, I don't know jack shit about architecture - but to sound cultured I'll say I just loooove Frankie G." His popularity has diminished his popularity - which is both kind of meta, female pink viagra alternative, Buy female pink viagra internet, and kind of stupid. But none of the typical complaints about Gehry are important this time around, female pink viagra drug, Female pink viagra online without a prescription, because we have an incredible opportunity here.

We could get more giant binoculars, buy female pink viagra no rx. Buy female pink viagra without prescription, Let's face it - Gehry recycles ideas, just like everyone else. Female pink viagra canada, I'm not criticizing - I'm saying I hope he's finally done rehashing the ideas of the last decade and jumps in the way-back machine to the late 80's and brings back Oldenburg and van Bruggen for some more oversized optics. I'm thinking a giant telescope-shaped building of some sort. It's a slight shift from the binoculars, but is pretty much the same - like Bilbao and Disney. - while also being slightly phallic shaped, thus referencing NYC's most famous architectural element. Boom -and that's how architecture gets made people.

There's no time for debate - he's only got 699 days to go.


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Buy viagra without prescription, My wife keeps showing me these "Shit so-and-sos Say" videos, which is an amusing if not maybe already tired trending meme - but how can you dislike "Shit Architecture Students Say" - unless you're not an architect.

"What, buy discount viagra online. Viagra medication, CAD for Mac?". Order viagra from us. Viagra from canada. Discount viagra online. Order viagra without prescription. Cheap viagra from uk. Viagra no rx. Buy viagra low price. Viagra online pharmacy. Viagra buy drug. Order discount viagra. Cheapest generic viagra. Cheap generic viagra. Buy viagra overnight delivery. Buy cheapest viagra online. Order viagra in us. Cheapest viagra prices. Certified viagra. Find viagra online.

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Somehow I managed to sleep on the existence of I am a beautiful building! Buy gold viagra without prescription, ,  a website devoted to, well, what you're looking at. Buy gold viagra from us, Hilarious and somewhat weirdly demented, the site captions photos of past US presidents and their interactions with law makers, online pharmacy gold viagra, Drug gold viagra, etc, as if they were buildings / architectural movements.., gold viagra prices. Find discount gold viagra, or something. I'm not really going to try and explain what's going on here - I just now you need to do yourself a favor and check it out, gold viagra pharmacy online. Cheap gold viagra on internet,

Here's the site's author info, which is also killing it:

I am Cedric, gold viagra without prescription.
I am a beautiful building, buy gold viagra without prescription. Find gold viagra on internet, I am better than Bauhaus.
I have functional interiors, discount gold viagra no rx. Buy gold viagra lowest price, You*d go nuts if I told you.
I am a hyperbuilding, buy cheap gold viagra. Cheap gold viagra online, Bow to my infrastructure.
Join the beautiful buildings club!

Insane, gold viagra without rx, Purchase gold viagra online, but I'm hugely entertained.
.:images via->I am a beautiful building! Also, gold viagra in uk, Buying gold viagra, check out the creators blog Paris2e. Order generic gold viagra. Find cheap gold viagra. Cheap gold viagra no rx.

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Yes – Red Bull held a cliff diving competition in Boston last weekend, where the divers jumped into Boston harbor (really?) from a perch attached to the Diller Scofidio + Renfro designed Institute for Contemporary Art.

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The site selling these tees calls them ‘ArchBones Buy kamagra effervescent without prescription, ‘ – but it’s obviously Corbu. I don’t think you need me to tell you that these things are pretty great – get one, no rx kamagra effervescent, Kamagra effervescent pharmacy online, and display your archi-nerdiness on your chest for all to see.

Funny that in about five more years students won’t even know what those things crossing the skull are or how to use them, buy kamagra effervescent low price. Buy kamagra effervescent cheap, .:get your shirt here->

First seen thanks to Tabitha ( @tcpg ) – photo via.

[ed, buy kamagra effervescent pills. Find kamagra effervescent no prescription required, note - I don't know who my ginger-brethren here in the photo is (no, it's not me - and we don't all look alike), compare kamagra effervescent prices, Buying kamagra effervescent online, but I left him in thinking that there can't be that many of us bearded red-headed architects around. I like your style, no prescription kamagra effervescent, Kamagra effervescent online sale, sir.]. Discount kamagra effervescent. Purchase kamagra effervescent. Order discount kamagra effervescent online. Cheap kamagra effervescent no prescription. Kamagra effervescent buy. Kamagra effervescent price. Kamagra effervescent cheap drug. Order no rx kamagra effervescent. Kamagra effervescent free delivery. Cheap kamagra effervescent internet.

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Urban Pacman from Sergej Hein on Vimeo Buy kamagra without prescription, .

I realize that this is pretty stupid – but it’s Monday, purchase kamagra no rx. Discount kamagra overnight delivery, I enjoy my work, but still need some humor to kick off the week, kamagra overnight shipping. Kamagra side effects, Oh, and I really want to do this to mess with some tourists before the summer ends, order generic kamagra. Tablet kamagra,  . Kamagra in uk. Buy kamagra internet. Buy kamagra in canada. Order kamagra from canada. Kamagra uk. Cheap kamagra in usa. Buy kamagra online without prescription. Cheap kamagra online. Kamagra in us. Kamagra from canada. Kamagra cheap price. Buy kamagra in us. Kamagra australia. Kamagra in malaysia.

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Buy amoxicillin without prescription, Wow – what can I even say about these, other than my ninjas, please.

French jeweler Philippe Tournaire has created a series of rings inspired by global cities & architecture, amoxicillin order. Find cheap amoxicillin, From left to right above we have London, New York City, buy amoxicillin lowest price, Amoxicillin online sales, and Paris, respectively, order amoxicillin from us. Cheapest amoxicillin online, Tournaire will also apparently make rings to order, so if you’re project is just too ill not to wear on your pinky a don you can have it immortalized as incredibly gaudy jewelery, cheap amoxicillin on internet. Certified amoxicillin, .:found via->bd online. Order amoxicillin no prescription required. Lowest price for amoxicillin. Cheapest generic amoxicillin online. Order amoxicillin. Cheap amoxicillin pharmacy. Amoxicillin pill. Drug amoxicillin online purchase. Cheapest amoxicillin price. Buy cheapest amoxicillin. Buy amoxicillin from india. Purchase amoxicillin without prescription. Amoxicillin medicine.

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Copenhagen's Car-free streets & Slow-speed zones from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

These two videos - both found over at Treehugger - are pretty great, compare strattera prices online, Tablet strattera, and show why we should a) be more like Copenhagen and b) how we could possibly do it.

But this is the US, buy strattera pills, Buying strattera, where our government itself is desperate for you to buy and drive cars - so keep dreaming, my ninjas, drug strattera online purchase. Strattera internet,

Cycling Copenhagen, strattera buy drug, Strattera, Through North American Eyes from Streetfilms on Vimeo. Strattera cheap price. Cheapest strattera price. Strattera us. Buy generic strattera. Buy strattera online without prescription. Strattera australia. Cheap strattera on internet. Strattera for sale. Strattera from canada. Strattera purchase.

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[image: a ninja awaiting the Red Line Buy premarin without prescription, ]

Welcome to Ashmont, the Southern end of Boston's Red Line. Currently under renovations, Premarin no prescription, they're finally starting to to wrap it up and finish the project - something I hope to bring you some info on in the near future. Today, however, online premarin, I'd like to focus on the ridiculousness that is the 'high speed trolley' that runs from Ashmont to Mattapan. Now you need to understand - I would rather not talk trash. Find discount premarin online, In fact I look forward to the station itself being finished, so I can snap a few photos and give readers a general rundown of a project which I think has done a lot to revitalize the entire Ashmont / Peabody Square area. But for right now, buying premarin online, follow me on this journey of foolishness.

For those of you who don't know, the 'high speed trolley' running from Ashmont  [located in Dorchester] to Mattapan Square is an extension of the MBTA's Red Line - which, off the top of my head, serves 7 stops [not including Ashmont itself], buy premarin without prescription. Buy premarin online australia, The trolley is quite popular, as it connects both Mattapan and Milton [a suburb to Boston's South] with the Red Line - the train downtown is always busy in the mornings & evenings with additional commuters from the trolley. So when Ashmont was slated for renovations & redevelopment, premarin online sales, the trolley line was included in these plans - and was actually the first thing to get a makeover. Premarin cheap drug, The stops were cleaned-up, some 'antique' trolleys were brought back into service, and the trolley stop and turnaround at Ashmont were completely redesigned and rebuilt, premarin drug. Everything looked fine [not great, Buy premarin lowest price, but fine], and things seemed to be moving along at a pace that we've all come to expect with a government project. Buy premarin without prescription, And then the noise started.

[image: the T wasting my money]

Yeah, premarin pill, I'm talking literal 'noise' - as in ear splitting shrieks of pain coming from the tracks. Cheapest generic premarin, Loud enough to be kind of physically uncomfortable when you're on the trolley. Loud enough that I can here the trolley from my apartment - which is something like 1/3 of a mile away - but not the train [I mean, I can hear both at times - but mostly I here the shrill echo of the trolley], cheap premarin in canada. The noise had been measured at over 110 decibels at the station, Cheap premarin pill, and over 100 decibels at nearby homes.

The problem, buy premarin without prescription. The track at the turnaround [seen above] has a diameter that is too tight - trolley is at an awkward angle while going around, causing more friction between wheel and track, cheap premarin tablet, blah blah blah - super loud noise ensues. Cheapest generic premarin online, Did someone let the intern design this portion of the track. What the hell happened here.

Well obviously whoever is responsible is in the wind - since in the Bean you can literally build something that kills someone and skate, premarin online review. Buy premarin without prescription, As blaming someone won't help anyway, a solution is worked out - after two different systems involving automated greasing of some sort fail, the T falls back on insulated blankets and sprinklers that keep the tracks/wheels wet. SPRINKLERS AND BLANKETS. Fda approved premarin, This is a project coming in just under $50 million dollars [maybe more?], and the solution is the aesthetically-depressing / intelligence-insulting blanket-covered water-drenched fence seen above.

My ninjas, order premarin in us, please. Buy cheap premarin, Seriously, I don't even have a point that I'm moving towards here - I just want everyone reading AMNP to know about the ridiculousness going on in Dorchester, and to understand what kind of crap karma you generate when your design isn't up to snuff, buy premarin from canada. Imagine owning a home where every 15 minutes or so all day long you have to deal with 110+ decibels of fingernails on a chalkboard - all because someone either cut corners or had their trig confused, buy premarin without prescription.

Consider this when discussing fast-tracked infrastructure projects to boost the economy. Not because we shouldn't support them, but because they need to be watched carefully.

My favorite part of this story. A State Senator suggested we put in a Disney-style monorail a 'middle ground' type solution. A FECKIN' MONORAIL.

::note: I promise that I have a cheery, positive post on Ashmont's redevelopment as a whole in the works - I'm just waiting for them to complete the finish work::.

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Buy lamisil without prescription, Our ninja Matt K. - who has submitted a number of Ninja Arithmetic equations - sent me this image last week with the following explanation:

So, lamisil overnight shipping, Buy lamisil overnight delivery, I had this idea for the Mercedes Benz building by UN Studio to be a Ninja Arithmetic submission after I saw this [YouTube video embedded below].

However, buy lamisil low price, Find discount lamisil online, it turned out more like the image attached, so feel free to use that or make your own off the concept, cheap generic lamisil. Lamisil for sale, It begs the question: if building natural disasters into buildings is the next stage of excess-itecture, what's next, buy lamisil on line. Buy lamisil once daily, Will Gehry have artificial tsunamis. Will Zaha build an earthquake simulator?


I think that stands on its own as a post, sale lamisil. Lamisil india, If any of your architectural musings seem interesting, don't hesitate to drop me an email at, lamisil cheap price. Cheapest lamisil. Lamisil from canada. Lamisil online pharmacy. Lamisil non prescription. Buy cheap lamisil. Lamisil pharmacy. Cheap lamisil from uk. Lamisil malaysia. Buy lamisil no rx.

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