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Pink Comma Heroic Publishing Practices


[images courtesy pinkcomma gallery]

Our ninjas over at pinkcommagallery in the Bean’s South End have announced the opening of there newest exhibit – which is really 2 shows in 1! The double feature – “Heroic” and “Publishing Practices” – opens next Friday, September 18th – starting off both the third fall season of the pinkcomma gallery, and the opening of the current South End Open Studios weekend [which I hope you Boston-based readers don’t sleep on].



“Heroic” explores the concrete structures that were instrumental in the remaking of Boston in the late 1950s, throughout the 1960s, and into the 1970s. Whole districts and vast infrastructural improvements appeared in a matter of years, fashioned from concrete to serve the needs of government, hospitals, universities, housing, and the financial sector. What were once hailed as heroic visions have now often become perceived as hubristic and brutal. The gallery has enlisted various experts to weigh in on the topic, including architect Michael McKinnell (Boston City Hall), architect Tad Stahl (the State Street Bank), historian Douglass Shand-Tucci, architectural materials specialist Kiel Moe, critic Michael Kubo, structural engineer Paul E. Kassabian, and young architects Christina Crawford (Utile, Inc.) and Eric Howeler (Howeler + Yoon Architecture). Coupled with the works represented visually in the show, these essays frame a series of provocative questions surrounding the heroic era and its powerful and controversial concrete architecture.



“Publishing Practices” investigates the history and influence of the architecture book as an operative device. Many of the most prominent architects of the last century have been equally prolific publishers who have seen the book as a strategic tool in the architect’s arsenal, deployed for its capacity to act independently of the constraints of other forms of architectural production. Guest curator Michael Kubo has surveyed over 150 architects and academics to gauge the impact of these and other publications within the field. Coupled with data from this survey, a graphic timeline of canonical architecture books in the past century reveals the history of publications as an alternative form of architectural practice, parallel to and frequently more agile than the production of work more typically labeled architectural.

Friday, September 18, 2009, 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

September 18 through October 15, 2009

pinkcomma gallery
81B Wareham Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02118

We’ll see you there [don’t worry about ‘seeing’ us – we’re ninjas, after all].

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‘Blogitecture’ @ MIT

Blogitecture at MIT HTC Forum from kazys Varnelis on Vimeo.

Here’s the audio [along with some images] of a discussion on blogs, architecture, theory and media between Kazis Varnelis and Javier Arbona [of Archinect fame] moderated by Mark Jarzombek.

AMNP would be an example of a low-brow, poorly-written architecture blog. Your welcome.

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BIG opens there first solo exhibition at the Danish Architecture Center, with a play on Mies’ famous “Less is More” as the title [which is awesome].

The exhibition is conceived as a three dimensional comic book about architecture. Told in a linear way, frame by frame, bubble by bubble, chapter by chapter the exhibition unfolds through a 130 meter cartoon strip titled “Yes is More”. The accompanying catalogue is likewise a manga-inspired archicomic that reveals through candor and humor the evolutionary storyline of 35 projects in BIG City.

Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner of BIG
I am a cartoonist at heart that discovered that you can also create powerful visuals and tell interesting (funny) stories outside the image frame or the speech bubble. I like individual freedom combined with collective effort. And I love to express myself as well as creating the conditions for others to express themselves.

I stole the video below from the Danish Architecture Center’s site – mostly because it’s interesting [and an entertaining presentation], but also in case some of you haven’t seen the firm’s work.
I want to get my hands on a copy of the catalog / publication…sounds pretty ill.

The exhibition runs through 31 May 2009, and is open seven days a week 10am – 5pm, Wednesday until 9pm (admission free 5pm – 9pm).

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Tonight! A Few Zines in the Bean


If you’re in Boston, don’t miss the opening of A Few Zines at pinkcommagallery in the South End – featuring yours truly as part of a panel discussion entitled Grafting: Publishing and Practice. The panel will discuss architecture and publishing in our current economy, the role of publications in practice, as well the role of various medias and the future architecture publications.

Here’s the lineup:

Braulio Agnese, Architect magazine
Chris Grimley, over,under
Ryan McClain, AMNP
Quilian Riano,
John Southern, Sumoscraper and Urban Operations Studio

Moderated by Mimi Zeiger, loud paper

The opening is tonight [March 6th], at 7 PM [with the panel discussion, and the ‘opening’ following at 8]. So come on thru if you’re in / around the Bean, and enjoy the opening of a sick new exhibit.


.:Mimi’s announcement of the event – > via loud paper

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Zürcher Studio Opening, NYC


For all those NY ninjas who can’t make it to the Bean for the pinkcommagallery opening and panel discussion this Friday night [March 6th] – join Leeser Architecture & Galerie Zürcher, Paris, for the opening of the newly completed Zürcher Studio. Featuring artists Dan Hays, the opening is from 6 to 9 on Friday, March 6th, at 33 Bleecker Street @ Mott Street.

If you get a chance to attend, let us know how it goes!

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GSD Spring 09 Lecture Series


[click image to view larger size]

Quite the color scheme…

Those of you in the Bean [or the general area] should be sure to check out the GSD’s 09 Spring lecture series – looks to be quite the lineup. Ninjas will be in attendance.

.:Quilian’s GSD Archinect blog->

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A Few Zines in the Bean


[Image: pinkcommagallery, South Boston]

Many of you probably heard news of the A Few Zines: Dispatches from the Edge of Architectural Production exhibit at Studio X in Soho [if not, info can be found here] – which showcased the architecture ‘zine’ culture of the 90’s, and similar contemporary publications. The exhibit was launched during a party and panel discussion organized by curator / loud paper writer Mimi Zeiger, featuring an impressive list of participants:

Luke Bulman, Thumb
Felix Burrichter, Pin-Up
Stephen Duncombe, NYU professor and author of Dream and Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture
Mark Shepard, Situated Technologies
Andrew Wagner, Dodge City Journal and currently, American Craft
Mimi Zeiger, loud paperModerated by Kazys Varnelis, AUDC

Well, now the exhibit is moving to the Bean – to none other than pinkcommagallery [our ninjas]. Similar to the original show, the new exhibit will debut with a party and panel discussion – featuring none other than yours truly as a panel member. Now entitled Grafting: Publishing and Practice, the panel will discuss architecture and publishing in our current economy, the role of publications in practice, as well the role of various medias and the future architecture publications.

Here’s the lineup:

Braulio Agnese, Architect magazine
Chris Grimley, over,under
Ryan McClain, AMNP
Quilian Riano,
John Southern, Sumoscraper and Urban Operations Studio

Moderated by Mimi Zeiger, loud paper

The opening is on March 6th, at 6 PM [with the panel discussion starting at 7, and the party following at 8]. So come on thru if you’re in / around the Bean, and enjoy the opening of a sick new exhibit.


.:Mimi’s announcement of the event – > via loud paper

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Unsolicited Public Works @ Pink Comma


Our ninjas – and fellow Bostonians – over at the Pink Comma Gallery in Boston’s South End are having a book launch and exhibition opening for Public Works: Unsolicited Small Projects for the Big Dig by J. Meejin Yoon with Meredith Miller. The party starts this Friday, February 6th, and is from 6 to 10.

Measuring the urban aftermath of Boston’s Big Dig, this design and research book documents its distributed effects throughout the city, analyzes its impact on public space and proposes fourteen speculative projects. Specific to the new park space that emerged in the Big Dig’s wake, the projects expose, connect, and reconfigure the layered realms of highway tunnel and park surface, suggesting an infrastructural landscape where public space is weighed against public works.

I’m really interested to say what they’ve come up with – those of you familiar with the Big Dig know that the success of the ‘greenway’ which replaced Boston’s central artery is debatable. That, and those of you familiar with the designers involved know of the creative proposals they can generate for new use of public space/buildings [as seen previously on AMNP here, here and here].

For those of you who’ve yet to visit the gallery, know that it’s 100% AMNP recommended – great exhibitions + great people + great products + music/booze/architecture/design [not necessarily in that order] = a great start to a Friday night, and to an exhibition. For those of you who can’t make it out to the Bean, we may have some photos, etc, for you – and we’ll definitely be working on reviewing a copy of the book.

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The Voussoir Cloud


Currently exhibited at SCI-Arc, the Voussoir Cloud is a collaborative installation by San Francisco based IwamotoScott Architecture, Buro Happold, and SCI-Arc students. The design is an exploration of “potentially conflicting constructional logics – the pure compression of a vault with an ultra-light sheet material”, which makes for a pretty siiick effect.


And now, the technical explanation of why it’s cool:

Voussoirs, the wedge shaped masonry blocks that make up an arch, are redefined in Voussoir Cloud using a system of three-dimensional modules formed by folding paper thin wood laminate along curved seams. The curvature produces a form that relies on the internal surface tension to hold its shape and allows for a structural porosity within the constraints of sheet material. The resulting dimpled, concave modules pack together; naturally creating vaulted forms with a light porous surface. The form-finding exploration of the whole is thus dependent on the geometric performance of the individual units and their relation to the gallery walls.


So, to all our Left-Coast ninjas: go check it out [now through Sept. 14th], and let us know if how it is in person – and hit us with some photos!


.::Via Bustler Events –>

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Eye Candy: MoMA Goes PreFab


[Image: Burst*008, by Jeremy Edmiston and Douglas Gauthier]

Head on over to the New York Times for a photo gallery with images of the new MoMA exhibit Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling [more on the exhibit later this week].

::Eye Candy is a weekly post on exactly what it sounds like – something cool to look at, whether because the project is ill or simply because it warrants a ‘my ninjas, please‘. If you come across something in these here internets that you think should be featured here as ‘Eye Candy’, hit us up! architecture AT myninjaplease dot com::

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