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Eye Candy : Alexandre Bordereau

Just thought this was pretty dope. Continue about your day.

Photo by Alexandre Bordereau, a young French photographer with some beautiful work you can see on his website and on Flickr. Image via deviantART.

Posted: January 24th, 2012
at 11:51pm by orangemenace

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Renzo Instagrammed

Found this via Rojkind Arquitectos on Twitter – instagram photo of Renzo Piano’s California Academy of Sciences building, which reminded me of the planets from Le Petit Prince. Simple, yet awesome – couldn’t help but post it over here.


Posted: August 14th, 2011
at 4:11pm by AMNP

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Photo du Jour 02.03.2010

[photo by Christina Römer]

Designboom has a recent post featuring a number of photos named winners and honourable mentions of a competition launched by the German company Thonet. The competition? To photograph the iconic Thonet no. 214, as a way to celebrate its 150th anniversary.

214: It is often called the chair of all chairs – and rightfully so. traditionally-made chairs had handcrafted joints. Then, around 1850, michael thonet made production cheaper by bending the wooden components using steam and simply screwing them together. No other chair has ever been reproduced as many times.  To date, more than 50 million copies have been made. And thonet is still producing it following the original well-tried and proven principles. Chair no. 14, today 214, is considered the most successful industrial product in the world.

Basically, I just thought the photo was dope – check out the Designboom post for more.


Posted: March 2nd, 2010
at 10:04am by orangemenace

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Photo du Jour 25.02.2010

Interior of “Les Bains des Docks” by Jean Nouvel.

Photo by Clement Guillaume, via Flickr.

Posted: February 25th, 2010
at 9:50am by orangemenace

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Photo du Jour 11.02.2010

[image: “Toys“]

I saw this over at Gizmodo the other day – and it’s awesome! Simple effects are oftentimes the best, my ninjas…

Gizmodo is currently hosting a ‘shooting challenge’, asking readers to submit photos with a ‘wonky sense of scale’ – created by a sense of forced perspective [so no tilt-shift, lens distortions, or whatever].

.:found via->Gizmodo

Posted: February 11th, 2010
at 11:49am by orangemenace

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Photo du Jour


[Image: Z Islander housing compound, Texas]

I really have nothing to say about this, other than the obvious: my ninjas, please. I mean, really?

.:via->SKIRA Yearbook

Posted: October 7th, 2009
at 3:04pm by orangemenace

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Eye Candy: Feral Houses


James D. Griffioen over at Sweet Juniper recently had a post featuring his photographs of what he has termed ‘feral houses’ – homes which, after being abandoned, have ‘reverted to a wild state’. The photographs are at the same time beautiful and haunting – expressing both the ‘death’ of a home, and the enduring quality of nature.

I’ve shared plenty here about feral dogs; I have heard people here use the word “feral” because so many of Detroit’s strays learn to survive long-term on their own. Feral, used in this sense, means they have reverted to a wild state, as from domestication. Our world feral comes from the Latin root fera, or “wild beast,” but it also has a connection to another Latin word, feralis, literally: belonging to the dead.

I’ve seen “feral” used to describe dogs, cats, even goats. But I have wondered if it couldn’t also be used to describe certain houses in Detroit. Abandoned houses are really no big deal here. Some estimate that there are as many as 10,000 abandoned structures at any given time, and that seems conservative. But for a few beautiful months during the summer, some of these houses become “feral” in every sense: they disappear behind ivy or the untended shrubs and trees planted generations ago to decorate their yards. The wood that framed the rooms gets crushed by trees rooted still in the earth. The burnt lime, sand, gravel, and plaster slowly erode into dust, encouraged by ivy spreading tentacles in its endless search for more sunlight.

Like some of the dogs I’ve seen using these houses as shelter (I followed a whole pack into #9 last week), these houses are reverting to a wild state, as from domestication, a word derived itself from domesticus (the Latin for belonging to the domus, or house). Now these houses are feralis. They belong only to the dead.


Interestingly enough, the winner of the ReBurbia Competition proposed returning abandoned suburbs to nature, and converting them into wetlands. While not my favorite entry – only because I wanted to see crazy concepts for the future of abandoned suburbs, not rational solutions, to be honest – this idea of leaving our abandoned developments to be overtaken by the natural environment is incredibly powerful.

Typical homes in the US aren’t built of heavy stone and/or other materials that will endure. Instead, they are built with materials that will succumb to encroaching plant life – much sooner than we’d like to admit, I’m willing to bet. Sure, these homes haven’t only been empty for a year or two – but they won’t be surviving as fascinating relics in the wilderness, like Angkor or other ancient sites. The suburbs -representing major achievements [whether you like them or not] in social, economic, and technological development – will not survive as artifacts. They will be consumed – which is pretty ironic, if you ask me.


For many more photographs of abandoned housing in Detroit, head on over to Sweet Juniper. Really, you just need to be checking out all of this ninja James’ work – as a lot of it is just too too sick. Enjoy.

Posted: September 15th, 2009
at 10:27pm by orangemenace

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Photo du Jour


[Image: Wolfsburg, Germany – A Volkswagen Polo model is retrieved last year by an automated palette from a storage tower]

.:via->LA Times

Posted: September 15th, 2009
at 9:51pm by orangemenace

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Photo du Jour: Born in the Streets


From Born in the Street – Graffiti, an exhibit at the Fondation Cartier in Paris, this photo was taken by Jon Naar – and is pretty friggin’ dope.

.:found via-> Arquitecturas

Posted: September 3rd, 2009
at 9:28am by orangemenace

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KCRW: Goodbye, Julius Shulman

Posted: August 5th, 2009
at 4:43pm by orangemenace

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