Pearl River Tower: good for the environment, TERRIBLE for the people?!??!?!


Wow. If architecture in China couldn’t get anymore incredible, then we surmise it can only get friendlier for the environment. The Pearl River Tower in Guangzhou by architecture super sell-outs SOM, is the newest project by the firm dealing with advanced sustainable thinking towards design.


Here’s the deal. The project boasts 69 stories of masterful sustainable design, including turbines that turn wind into energy, a solar collector for harboring even more energy, and a ridiculous water collection system, part of which is heated by the sun for hot water. Along with these major sustainable goodies, the building also has cool water running under each one of the floors. The building does it’s own version of KITT’s super-pursuit mode when the inside air becomes too warm, and uses a method of convection best described in this article found at Metropolis Magazine to remedy it.

Tower Render


Comprised mainly of glass and steel, the major structural system is seen on the ends of the building in the form of an elongated and simplified DNA strand. Along with garnering energy for the building, the two openings in the larger faces of the facade (where the turbines and mechanical floors are located) draw natural air into the building and minimize wind loads that cause not so ninjaish things like this to happen.

Scheduled to be completed by fall of 2009, Pearl River Tower is ‘designed to produce more energy than it consumes’ and will surely set a standard for other skyscraper designs in the future. So where’s the terrible part?

This is who SOM designed the project for.

Just atrocious. Hit us with your thoughts ninjas and ninjettes.

Quote from Architectural Record.

Posted: December 6th, 2006
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