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This month’s Architecture Boston features ‘Rethinking Boston City Hall’ – an article covering proposals by 6 design teams to give City Hall a much-needed makeover, and articles discussing the history of the building, and its possible future.

pinkcomma gallery will be hosting an exhibit showcasing the different proposals, which will be open this weekend – if you’re in Boston, be sure not to miss it. And if you can’t make it, check back here on Monday for MNP’s coverage of the exhibit, and my take on the City Hall / Government Center dilemma.

pinkcomma is located at 81B Wareham Street, Boston – the exhibit is open September 15-16 from 11-6 [I hope it runs longer than that, but I’m not sure].

Posted: September 14th, 2007
at 12:23am by orangemenace

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  1. […] More architecture tomorrow, when we have our Boston City Hall feature, described last week, here at architecture.MNP. […]


  2. I have several comments – all of them critical.

    1) it is impossible to read the print on this site – far too small – ironic that a site having so much to do with visual presentation is such a visual mess.

    2) from what I can see of the designs, they are all simplistic variations of putting lipstick on a pig.
    The fortress, upside down compressed pyramid that is city hall can’t be disguised by green or carmel colors and screens – also the plaza still looks like a desolate area enlivened only when Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, and hopefully Bruin celebrations take place there – a bit less desolate when concerts occur there too, enchanted village and cirque de-solieu tents look cheesy

    3) main criticism – whatever one thinks of the exterior of city hall I failed to see anyone addressing the interior where the PEOPLE have to work amid bleak, concrete, dark, forboding surroundings all the time – when designing public use buildings why does it seem the last concern of the architects is how the public will use them and what effects the design has on them?

    gene devita

    26 Sep 07 at 3:33 pm


  3. Well…being as I can’t pass up the opportunity to correct someone from Harvard, allow me to say that it ISN’T ironic that you can’t read my site because of IT’S design – it IS ironic because you go to Harvard and don’t know how to change the settings in your browser to increase text size.

    All that aside, great comments – maybe next time you come to myninjaplease you’ll want to just contribute and be part of the community, instead of being a hater.


    26 Sep 07 at 4:04 pm



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