Eye Candy: Ben Peterson


[Image: Ben Peterson, California Ten, 2006/7, Ink and graphite on paper, 58 x 108 inches]

Peterson is a drawing artist. He makes exquisitely detailed and pristine renderings of impossible architectural spaces. He calls his imagined constructions follies, and they are indeed in that tradition of fanciful and unattainable spaces that are meant to set the mind to wander. The works I saw have an American West feel to them, both in their references to the desert, mission-style housing and landscaping that couples grass and cactus in rock gardens. But something about the blinding white of the paper that surrounds the unnaturally de-contextualized image evokes the bright relentless whiteness of the desert as well [via].

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Posted: January 23rd, 2008
at 9:59pm by orangemenace

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