Taketo Shimohigoshi’s ‘Green Beams’


A recent winner of an AR Award for Emerging Architecture, Taketo Shimohigoshi’s [of A.A.E., or Associates of Architecture and Environment] ‘FLEG Daikanyama’ is an attempt to introduce a green, natural element into the super dense streets of Tokyo.


Shimohigoshi has addressed the mostly overlooked space over the streetscape – creating an interesting and dynamic condition above the heads of the pedestrians below. Two white concrete walls have been inserted into the space, the full width of the site, as if cutting out the volume from the surrounding urban fabric on either side – while opening it on the front to the city, creating a stepped plaza. These walls frame large terrace spaces which are set back from the street – contrary to the ‘typical’ urban balconies that protrude from the face of buildings. These terraces then look back out towards the surrounding neighborhood, through a horizontal arrangement of moss-covered ‘beams’.


…this green moss detached from the ground gives a new sense of perception to the urban fabric and the sky. The vegetation hanging in mid-air, where nature is not in its natural space, stirs up imaginations and sensuality.
This poetic scenery created by the green beam awakens the sensibility of people, and supports the creativity of the “External” space in between the two white walls.


::info + images from AR Awards for Emerging Architecture and A.A.E.::

Posted: February 19th, 2008
at 7:00am by orangemenace

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  1. It might have been interesting to see what putting grass on all sides of the beams would have done to the design. Then: how do you get light to it, and what does the experience become for the people on the sidewalk looking at the structure?

    Mark Anthony

    19 Feb 08 at 8:35 pm



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