The Voussoir Cloud


Currently exhibited at SCI-Arc, the Voussoir Cloud is a collaborative installation by San Francisco based IwamotoScott Architecture, Buro Happold, and SCI-Arc students. The design is an exploration of “potentially conflicting constructional logics – the pure compression of a vault with an ultra-light sheet material”, which makes for a pretty siiick effect.


And now, the technical explanation of why it’s cool:

Voussoirs, the wedge shaped masonry blocks that make up an arch, are redefined in Voussoir Cloud using a system of three-dimensional modules formed by folding paper thin wood laminate along curved seams. The curvature produces a form that relies on the internal surface tension to hold its shape and allows for a structural porosity within the constraints of sheet material. The resulting dimpled, concave modules pack together; naturally creating vaulted forms with a light porous surface. The form-finding exploration of the whole is thus dependent on the geometric performance of the individual units and their relation to the gallery walls.


So, to all our Left-Coast ninjas: go check it out [now through Sept. 14th], and let us know if how it is in person – and hit us with some photos!


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Posted: August 20th, 2008
at 1:57pm by orangemenace

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