Greening La Défense


To be honest, we here at AMNP thought that Paris had laws to prevent this type of thing from being built at La Défense. Apparently not. As part of EPAD‘s [La Defense Management & Development Office] “2006-2015” plan for the Parisian business district a number of buildings are being updated/renovated, and new skyscrapers are being built [currently 6 new high-rise towers are scheduled].


Designed by Valode & Pistre Architects [who, in their defense, have better work than this on their site] for the Group Gererali along with the developer Vinci Immobilier, the building [known as the Generali Tower] aims to help rejuvenate the La Défense area through contemporary, green/sustainable design. The 90,000 square meter tower will house a number of different programs, including office space [obviously], auditorium space, a lounge/club, restaurants, and a daycare [or as the French call it, “crèche” – yay for real socialism!].

Sustainability is at the heart of the architectural concept of the Generali Tower. The building’s innovative structure and envelope, as well as the choice of its technical and mechanical equipments – opening windows, suspended gardens at all levels – will enhance the user’s comfort whilst reducing energy consumption. The production of renewable energies has also been incorporated in the tower’s design, 18 vertical axis wind turbines, 1,700 sq m of photovoltaic cells and 600 sq m of solar panels are located in the towers central spire, giving it a unique silhouette in La Défense.


But for real tho – thing is kind of gross, right? I mean, maybe if there wasn’t that TERRIBLE antenna going on in the middle of everything. But even still, the building looks as if it’s unsure of what it wants to be – and that that uncertainty has somehow caused it to form legions on its facade. Go big or go home, my ninjas – carve out a corner/side of the building, or leave things be. But hey, why bother worrying – this project is being designed for a developer, so all those carved-out gardens will be gone in 6 months or so…

Anyone else tired of bad design getting a pass because it’s ‘green’? Just a thought.

Expect more on new developments involving Paris and tall buildings later this week.

.:The Generali Tower, Paris, France -> via WAN

Posted: September 30th, 2008
at 11:57am by orangemenace

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  1. It’s lesions, not legions. Also, that thing is a fucking eyesore.


    1 Oct 08 at 1:32 am


  2. “Anyone else tired of bad design getting a pass because it’s ‘green’?”

    Yes. Very very yes. Green is the new obnoxious.


    1 Oct 08 at 3:20 am


  3. I was so busy hating on the building that I lost the ability to spell…


    1 Oct 08 at 8:14 am


  4. remind me much on the giant sand worms on Dune


    8 Oct 08 at 1:17 pm


  5. very intresting


    20 Mar 09 at 9:04 am


  6. “Anyone else tired of bad design getting a pass because it’s ‘green’?”

    Ugliness is a quality in opposition to “green” or sustainable design – and boy is this one ugly. Beautiful buildings that really “fit” into their surroundings (sociologically as well as environmentally) tend to have longer lifespans – making them inherently more “green.”

    Putting trees on a building does far less good than successfully stitching it into the urban fabric (pardon the cliche) and creating something of true value to those who experience it.


    8 Jan 10 at 12:23 pm



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