Mansilla+Tuñón, Arquitectos: Auditorio Ciudad de Leon


Next up from Mansilla+Tuñón we have the Auditorio Ciudad de Leon [Leon Auditorium], in Avenida reyes Leoneses, Leon, Spain [1994/2001]. The program is an auditorium/concert hall and exhibition space, which Mansilla+Tuñón break from one another by creating the two distinct volumes shown; one an austere, enclosed hall and the other a more playful, open, and light-filled gallery & gathering space.


the Leon Auditorium pays homage to the Ortega y Gasset based ‘see and be seen’ concept. It is an exercise in realism whose small size is not only a guarantee of usage and economics, but also reduces its presence in the city. It is precisely this small-scale perception that leads the exhibition hall to be placed in a separate piece, merging the historically established benefit of small foregrounds with the ability to orient the building towards the San Marcos Hostel, and by this means outlining a new visual order on the existing platform [ from Mansilla+Tuñón homepage].



The entire auditorium structure is in white concrete, with facades clad in Roman Travertine marble. The auditorium space within is finished with black wenge, with concrete and oak paneling throughout the rest of the building.



Mansilla+Tuñón homepage, some images and info from el croquisIn Progress/En Proceso 1999 2002‘ [great book]

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