Torre Cube by Carme Pinos


Designed by Catalan architect Carme Pinos [site’s under construction], the Torre Cube is a [fairly] recently completed sustainable office building in Guadalajara, Mexico [which is also looking forward to the JVC Culture, Convention and Business Centre – a project involving 11 of the world’s most prominent architects…but that’s a post for another day].


The building is based around three concrete ‘cores’ which rise vertically 16 storeys around a central open-air atrium space [seen below] that it elevated about 1 1/2 floors above grade. These ‘cores’ function as the main structure of the building, and the location of all the service elements [there’s a lift in each core, along with a stairwell and both male & female restrooms]. The floors of the office tower cantilever out from these structural cores, creating three distinct vertical volumes, each of which is split at some point, creating outdoor porches/terraces at varying levels. These levels climb vertically around the building as the three main volumes step upwards towards the sky [seen in the section below].


The foot of each of the individual concrete towers is eroded to allow entry into the aforementioned stairwells/lifts, and provide for some pretty sexy wood to concrete to steel to glass connections and details [below]. The triangular office floors are clad in a double skin: the floors were first wrapped in a glass facade [a great deal of which consists of operable windows], which is then masked by the horizontal wood slat paneling seen in the photographs. Workers can step out on to a grating system and push/pull these panels into their desired positions, providing control over the level of daylighting in their specific work space.

This ‘double skin’ provides enough natural ventilation that the building rarely [maybe never] needs air conditioning [remember, it’s in Guadalajara]. Natural ventilation [and lighting] is also utilize within the open central ‘atrium’ space, thanks to those large three storey porches/terraces described earlier in the article. This effectively slices the depth of the building in half, providing this natural lighting and ventilation of both sides of each of the three office triangles.


article and images from The Architectural Review. More from plataforma arquitectura

Posted: January 3rd, 2007
at 8:24am by orangemenace

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  3. hey there dunno if youll get this tonight hopefully where can i access a plan of this building


    26 Feb 07 at 3:41 pm


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  6. Learning to Preserve the Environment

    Beneath the ground, the constant temperature of the earth provides a basis for cooling even in adverse climates.

    After Gutenberg

    22 Mar 07 at 3:50 pm


  7. […] //About //Advertise //Subscribe //RSS //Contact Home Features Report Broadcast Gallery Blog Directory By JJ Yeo Blog21 June 2007 The Torre Cube in Guadalajara, Mexico, by Carme Pinos (who worked and collaborated with the late Enric Miralles) is an office building with natural ventilation. Offices are arranged in staggered prismatic volumes supported by three curved concrete cores. The atrium and openings between the volumes create a natural ventilation effect. In addition, there is a double skin to the building: the offices are enclosed by glass and are shaded by a sliding wood panel system. These panels can be manually moved to create optimum shading for different work environments and times of day/year. – Architecture.mnp via Tropolism […]


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  10. It’s amazing, have you heard of the new technology about construction? There are materials who is earthquake and fire proof…have you heard that? Thus Torre Cube equipped with this kind of technology?


  11. Wow!The structure is very intricately designed. For me, it looks like it is levitating.
    The architecture got a great concept here.


    5 Aug 08 at 1:41 am


  12. Wow this buildingis qouite interesting I live the irregular shape the thought of massing, scale size and proportion. I am in my second year doing a bachilors degree in Architecture at the Caribbean School of Architecture (CSA)in Jamaica. I would appreciate if you are able to send me any kind of information on this building, plese and thank you.

    O'neal Hibbert

    11 Oct 08 at 7:37 pm



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