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I don’t know about all you ninjas, but I’ve been pretty obsessed with these here politricks lately – and will be until the election. It’s like crack. I mean – McCain playing grab-ass? Palin in the Oval Office? Racist Republicans? Barrack doing stand up? Colin Powell endorsing Obama? Songs about Palin? Damn.

Also, speaking politricks – only about 91 days left for Bush in the White House!

Moving along – I don’t know how often I’ll do this, but I was thinking it could be cool to hook readers with something to listen to while perusing the links provided every Monday for Ninjas on the ‘Net [maybe we’ll tie this in with the music page somehow]. That said, check out Sun Ra’s Sleeping Beauty while you surf these here interwebs this week. And as always, if you have something you’d like to add, drop a link in the comments section – or toss us an email [architecture AT myninjaplease DOT com] and I’ll make sure it gets in next weeks post. Enjoy!

– the New York Times has urban renewal in Chechnya, flawed American Dreams, and the new TKTS Booth

– archidose features the reopening of the TKTS Booth and it’s new design, along with some lectures in NYC this month and a review of DBOOK: Density, Data, Diagrams, Dwellings

– BLDGBLOG rides a zip-line

– Archinect is Live from 52nd IFHP World Congress in San Juan, Puerto Rico

– CNN investigates the uncovering of a ‘city of the dead’ in Rome

– Arch Record explains that architects are being hit hard by the financial crisis…in case you didn’t already know

bdonline and the guardian both talk about the split of Future Systems

Young Architect of the Year Award 2008 shortlist announced, over at Bustler

– the Architect’s Newspaper reports that LA has pledged $5 Billion for affordable housing

– the Architect’s Journal explains why London is a Frankenstein city

Architect magazine hips us to ‘the end of the road’ for some US highways

check out the new Where – our ninja Brendan has really reinvented his entire site

– last but most definitely not least – don’t forget about the rest of the MNP [My Ninja Please!] crew: the parent site, MyNinjaPlease; MusicMNP; GreenMNP; PolitricksMNP; and RobotNinja.

– and that about wraps up this week’s Ninjas on the ‘Net – but don’t forget, you should also be clicking those sidebar links + buttons and checking out all of our blogging ninjas out there.

Posted: October 20th, 2008
at 5:00am by orangemenace

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