$15k to Light the Zakim


Miguel Rosales, the architect who designed Boston’s Zakim Bridge [seen above], has donated $15,000 to keep the bridge lit for 3 months. In an effort to save money, the MA Turnpike Authority has shut off the blue lights that illuminate the bridge at night – which cost about 5 Gs a month to run.

“It just brings to life the whole structure at night,” Rosales said today, adding that while he sympathized with the Turnpike Authority’s financial plight, “Turning the lights off, I don’t think it really gives the right message. I think it makes it an even more depressing situation.”

My ninja, PLEASE.

In all seriousness, I appreciate the gesture – regardless of why Rosales gave the money. While I have no real love of the Zakim necessarily, it does look nicer lit with Rosales’ blue lights. This might sound ridiculous to some – being concerned with the aesthetics of a functioning bridge – but the reality of the matter is that Boston [or the state, whoever] paid a great deal for an iconic structure. If at all possible, the ‘look’ that the city bought should be preserved – if only so that the initial investment wasn’t wasted. I mean, the bridge should at least be lit for tourist season [now that Rosales has supplied the funds].

As if the donation itself isn’t news enough, the Turnpike Authority’s executive director released a statement saying they WILL NOT use the money [which they’ve accepted] to turn the lights on for the next three months – instead, they’ll be searching for a more sustainable solution to the lighting issue. I obviously can’t speak for Rosales – but I know that if I coughed up 15 large of my own money, I’d want it used for the purpose that inspired my donation [MA should have been looking for a ‘sustainable’ solution before, and on their own dime]. That, and who the f@$k trusts the MA Turnpike Authority? I’m sorry to all you ninjas who aren’t from MA and don’t know the deal – but this organization is basically just a State-run series of clusterf$@ks [and is supposedly being done-away with].

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Posted: April 14th, 2009
at 7:49am by orangemenace

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  1. 1. I think it makes perfect sense to turn off lights that cost $15k per month to power. Even if they are all 3 watt bulbs, it is a waste.

    2. I would also be pissed off if I donated money to have them powered, only to have the entity that accepted the donation disregard my intentions for the money.

    3. I also thing it makes perfect sense to use whatever extra money there is to power these $15k/month lights for something else. I don’t care what the design intentions of Rosales are, it doesn’t give license to waste resources, and though it may be Rosales’s design, the bridge belongs to Boston.

    4. Although it also makes perfect sense to use the money for something more productive and it makes perfect sense to find a more sustainable solution to lighting the bridge, I also do not trust the MA Turnpike Authority.

    Ace Dickerson

    14 Apr 09 at 8:33 pm


  2. If the architect wants to pay $15,000 to keep the bridge lit that’s his prerogative. It’s the same thing as going into somebody’s house and telling them to turn off their lights.


  3. See, I agree with you Ace, for the most part. My point about this guy’s ‘vision’ is mostly that they should use the money he donated to maintain the icon that they paid for. I agree that a solution needs to be found – because I’m not down to pay for that shit [and you know taxpayers are paying for it] to be blue at night. It would have been nice if he had donated the money to find a solution – but hes an architect, so of course he doesn’t care about the actual problem.

    Personally, I think the bridge itself was a waste of $$ – it’s obviously not structurally necessary, as you can drive on stretches of highway that run parallel to it and aren’t supported by an elaborate and expensive structure.

    And screw the MA turnpike authority [Not really a relevant statement, but I just want to toss it out there].


    16 Apr 09 at 6:32 pm



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