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KMD Architects [Kaplan McLaughlin Diaz – not that KMD], a San Francisco based firm founded in 1963, has been selected as the winner of an international competition for the design of the new Cinepolis Headquarters in Mexico. The largest cinema chain in Mexico [and 6th largest in the world], the Cinepolis Headquarters will be a ‘green campus’ – and hopefully one of Mexico’s most sustainable structures.


Set to begin construction later this year [and hopefully open in 2008], the ‘green campus’ of the headquarters will be a 75,000 square foot complex located near Morelia – about 100 miles from Mexico City. As seen in the image below, the headquarters will be a complex of low rise buildings, organized around a central courtyard space containing a tower that will bear the Cinepolis logo – and allow for views of the countryside and the city.


As for the ‘green’ aspects of the design, the buildings will feature a great deal of natural lighting throughout the complex, a large green roof / roof garden [seen above], sun shading, and natural ventilation. The project aims to increase productivity and overall worker / visitor happiness through its use of these green design elements. Described as ‘Triple Green’, the aim is to not only design for energy efficiency and improve productivity, but also to create a connection with the surrounding community – teaching those who come in contact with the building about the benefits of sustainable design [how very Bill McDonough of them].


KMD seems to have a history of ‘civic mindedness’, taking the benefits of an entire area into consideration when designing, not simply one building –

For more than four decades, KMD has been conducting self-funded research studies and post-occupancy reviews. Their civic mindedness and genuine interest in the needs of the people for whom they design prompted the firm to devote a percentage of its fees to pro-bono work and research projects. Known as “giving something back,” this program consistently generates inventive concepts ranging from development of temporary housing for San Francisco’s homeless to major urban university planning for campus growth [from KMD homepage].



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  2. En primer lugar felicidades por este proyecto. Me gustaría saber si en este lugar está integrado un museo del cine, una escuela de arte y un espacio para exhibición de arte. Quisiera tener comunicación con el dueño de Cinépolis Headquarters, ya que he tenido la oportunidad de coincidir en eventos donde yo participé en la museografía y en la realización de documentales de exposiciones. En caso de lograr la comunicación, me interesa proponerle un proyecto de arte.

    Agradezco la atención a la presente

    Leonora Martín del Campo



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